Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Brings Changes and Challenges!

Hello Again!

Well, we have much to talk about. First, lets talk about QuicKutz (one of my favorite topics!) and the changes that they're going through.

I was extremely sad to find out that QuicKutz has decided to stop the Ambassador program. I know that their company is going through a lot of changes at the moment and I am sure that they want to concentrate on getting everything settled, as well as they wanted to supply an Ambassador to all of their regions which isn't possible at the moment so they're looking into other avenues. I know that they are going to suggest to the retail stores that they hire their own ambassadors which could work out nicely. I also know that I am still going to be helping Pages From the Heart in Monrovia with their QuicKutz projects/classes and, as always, I will still be teaching classes at Collective Journeys - one being a QuicKutz Class where we'll do different projects focusing on using the QuicKutz dies and supplies.

So, now I'm onto my Challenges! Let me share with everyone so that I will have to be accountable! I want to complete a 2 page layout a week of my son's scrapbook. Once I catch-up with that, I'll branch out and finish my wedding album, our family album and START a Christmas ONLY album. Another challenge that I am giving myself is to use the supplies that I have before I just run out and buy more! This, in turn, leads me to my next challenge which is to keep my Scrafice (I like to sound professional so I combined Scraproom and office!) organized all the time!!! I am fortunate that I have a Scrafice which we've bought storage solutions for (LOVE IKEA! Going again soon!) so that I can be organized! And my last challenge is to remember how fortunate I am to have an outlet where I can play and create - and if I can remember this then I'll never feel overwhelmed when I am making my class samples or creating a project for a sample or when I'm making my class kits at 11 o'clock the night before the class.

I will leave you all with some pictures of projects that I've completed in the last month.

If you have any questions please leave me a comment! I hope you had as magical of Holiday's as I did. Adam was an amazing little person who lit up Christmas for me and my whole family made my birthday the best one yet! Happy 2010 to Everyone!