Saturday, November 16, 2013

Operating System Completely Deleted

Good Morning...

I haven't been around in a while because my computer is busted.  Seriously busted.  I don't actually remember what's wrong with it, I think it's my operating systems been deleted or my main frame?  Or the central system?  Am I just making up stuff now - I have no clue?  And as bummed as I am that my computer is as broke as broke can be, I am so mad at myself that I didn't back up the last few years of pictures - I'll check my online photo accounts and hope for the best, but I am not great at uploading the photos from my comp to, well, anywhere.  You would've thought I learned my lesson 3 years ago when our desktop gave up and I almost lost all my Lil' A photos but nnoooo... I had to be lazy/impatient and have now lost Lil' A's first day of kinder photos, last day of preschool and more.  I'm getting mad at myself all over again...

I asked to borrow my parent's computer for a few days to get some work done, Christmas Cards ordered (BAM!  Done!), KPS Shop emails responded to and so much more...  I kinda felt like I did when I used to ask to borrow the car as a teenager.

I will be back.  I'm hoping to be back before Christmas because I have a ton of great DIY Holiday ideas/projects that I've been working on and really want to share.  You can always follow me on Instagram at KutzPaperScissors - I typically post photos of whatever I'm working on there because it's so easy!

Also, the last KPS Boutique is next Saturday - the Penelope Lane Holiday Boutique - you really don't want to miss it!  I've made a pledge to shop small business/handmade this holiday season - I don't think Target or Amazon will be affected too much with this, but I know that the business's I order from will be affected in a positive way!

Yes, did you notice I said LAST?  I've made some hard decisions about the future of KPS, but this isn't the post to talk about that...
I'm still here and I'll be back super soon.
I'm a crazy person that never learns her lessons.  Back UP, BACK UP, BACK UP!!!
Visit me at the Penelope Lane Boutique - do some Christmas Shopping, say "Hey" to me and get a goodie if you mention the blog!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Hope your weekend is great!