Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So, I know that Alan and I watched too much news coverage on Micheal Jackson's death - but should my 18 month old be moonwalking?! I don't think so. He's not even of the Micheal Jackson generation, but I have to admit that I have always secretly hoped that Adam would be much cooler then me and so far he's not letting me down! So, Adam and I were in the kitchen and I was making dinner when he started moonwalking - and I don't mean just walking backwards, he was bending his knees at the right times and everything! So, I started moonwalking too (which has to look like the lamest moonwalk EVER!) and he started cracking up and then he'd do it and put me to shame. It's times like these that I wish we had a video camera! So, I went and grabbed my camera and started taking too many pictures and now I'm creating my scrapbook page layout in my head. I'll use the Starry Night border, the Moon from the Haunted House dies but I can't figure out what to do for the boots... dilemmas, dilemmas. Ahhh - and now every time that I look at my son either, "You know I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it!" or "Billy Jean is not my lover, she's just a girl . . ." lyrics pop into my head. So, thank you "Cool Gods" for answering my wish and letting my son be cooler in every way, even at 18 months, than me!

A little About Me

I'm doing a little spin-off of the emails that everyone gets where you have to answer questions about yourself - I just figured that most people are just starting to get to know me so this is the fastest and easiest way to do!

Full Name: Andrea Lee Yokley Jessup

Married? For going on 3 years to my High School sweetheart.

Children? 1 son, Adam

Favorite Food? Chocolate - I'd eat it all day, every day if it had enough nutritional value!

Favorite Color? I'm not sure - it changes depending on what I'm doing. Right now I'd have to say Orange

Animals? None, but in the process of adopting a Tortoise or Turtle

Favorite Season? Fall

Favorite Holiday? I love them all! It's so exciting to see Adam experience each Holiday, last Halloween he was a turtle and he was so freak'n cute! I'm not sure what he's going to be this year . . .

Favorite Drink? Diet Orange Crush or Peach Fresca - Yummy!

Favorite Activities? I love scrapbooking/cardmaking with my family! My Mom, Sis-in-law, Aunt Di, Cousin Katie and Grandma all get together for classes or for a scrapday - although I wish we were able to coordinate better and get together more frequently! I love to spend time with Alan and Adam, whether at Home Depot, the park or the backyard they both have me laughing all the time!

Dream Job? A designer for a craft company, a writer, a personal shopper, a cake decorator, a pie shop owner!

These are all the questions that I can think of for now - if anyone has any questions please post them and I'll answer them! Thanks! Andrea

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st Day as Ambassador Andrea

Ambassador Andrea - it has a lovely ring to it! My mother has already told me that she will not salute me or bow, but maybe she'll sing a different tune after I let her play with all my new QuicKutz products!

I am so excited - I cannot wait to get started doing whatever a QuicKutz Ambassador does! I'm ready to head out to all the different SoCal stores and introduce myself as Ambassador Andrea Jessup (I wonder what that makes my son???). Of couse, Collective Journey's would have to be my first stop since they've helped me become the scrappy scrapper that I am today!

Lets see, maybe I should wait to go to the stores until I'm not sick anymore - a first impression with a nasty cough and a runny nose would not be worthy of a QuicKutz Ambassador!

This is my first Blog - so please be patient as I figure everything out - luckily my husband is an Interent God, so he can guide my way.  Here's a picture of a sample that got me this gig!
{QK font, circles, scallops}