Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little About Me

I'm doing a little spin-off of the emails that everyone gets where you have to answer questions about yourself - I just figured that most people are just starting to get to know me so this is the fastest and easiest way to do!

Full Name: Andrea Lee Yokley Jessup

Married? For going on 3 years to my High School sweetheart.

Children? 1 son, Adam

Favorite Food? Chocolate - I'd eat it all day, every day if it had enough nutritional value!

Favorite Color? I'm not sure - it changes depending on what I'm doing. Right now I'd have to say Orange

Animals? None, but in the process of adopting a Tortoise or Turtle

Favorite Season? Fall

Favorite Holiday? I love them all! It's so exciting to see Adam experience each Holiday, last Halloween he was a turtle and he was so freak'n cute! I'm not sure what he's going to be this year . . .

Favorite Drink? Diet Orange Crush or Peach Fresca - Yummy!

Favorite Activities? I love scrapbooking/cardmaking with my family! My Mom, Sis-in-law, Aunt Di, Cousin Katie and Grandma all get together for classes or for a scrapday - although I wish we were able to coordinate better and get together more frequently! I love to spend time with Alan and Adam, whether at Home Depot, the park or the backyard they both have me laughing all the time!

Dream Job? A designer for a craft company, a writer, a personal shopper, a cake decorator, a pie shop owner!

These are all the questions that I can think of for now - if anyone has any questions please post them and I'll answer them! Thanks! Andrea

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