Friday, April 27, 2012

Pretty Pretty Altered Album

Good Morning!

I'm sorry I didn't post of Wednesday - we were out at my parents finishing up the 250-ish Chevron Pillow Cover order from groopdealz!  And I am so happy to say that it's done and the very last cover has been shipped!  Phew!  What a relief! 

Anyways - today I'm sharing a great Altered Album that I made for a class that I'm having at Page's From the Heart next weekend.  I love the way it came out - it's perfect for Mother's Day, girlfriends, a little girl or for something that is special to you!  Take a look...

I used Basic Grey's Konnichiwa paper line, which is super sweet and girly.  I love the different designs and color palette.  The flower on the front is made from the pages that I took out of the book - it's a Sizzix die.  There's lots of fun stuff in this book - doilies, buttons, bling, tickets, washi tape, paper clips, punched shapes, tags, buttons, hand-cut details...

The pages are hanging from small binder clips - it's a different version of a mini-album.  I can't take credit for this idea, I saw this on Work In Progress Kits April kit.  I love it!

Please call Page's From the Heart (626)358-5334 to sign up for the class or you can email me at if you'd like to purchase a kit!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pinned Up Monday!


Today is Pinned Up Monday!  Yay!  This is, by far, my favorite post day.  I love Pinterest, but more importantly, I love recreating and being inspired by what I see on Pinterest!

Today I'm sharing a sign that I made for Adam's Preschool, the Barton House Playschool, to raffle at their Open House last Friday.  I love his school, love his teachers, the Director, the Office Staff - everyone is just friendly and kind and, most important, they really care about my child.  I saw this print on Pinterest a while ago and it's been in the back of my brain for awhile now...

{courtesy of via Pinterest}

I like the image and the simple saying.  My Mom sang this song to me growing up and I sing it to Adam every nap or bedtime.  I sang it to him while he was in the NICU, trying not to cry while I held his tiny hand.  I've made a few signs with this saying, but they just weren't right... until this one!

Instead of having the sun positioned at the bottom, I had it coming from the side.  I used a fun font, hoping this would go in a child's room or play area.  I did want the words to form to the roundness of the sun more, but I'm still very happy with it.

I wasn't sure about the yellow on yellow, but I've been wanting to try a monotone look with my signs - I like it, but I might do one with yellow and white and see which one I like the most.  I distressed the edges, which turned out great since there's a white base coat,

I plan to put this sign in my shop today... or tomorrow... very soon!  I love it, I think it'd be pretty sweet in a larger scale too.  So many ideas!  And yes, I used my Silhouette Cameo for this sign!  Love that machine!

See you Wednesday!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mermaid Party Hat


Today I'm sharing another project that I made using my Silhouette Cameo.  All this week I've been sharing what I made for a friends daughters 1st birthday... and what party would be complete without a party hat?!

I used a glittery, hot pink party hat and put ruffled and pleated ribbon that I had in my stash to the top and bottom to finish the edges.

I then found a super cute mermaid in the Silhouette Online Store and cut her out of fabric.

I used brown smooth heat transfer by Silhouette for the mermaid base and layered all of the other cut materials on top.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut all of the fabrics - you just have to iron on fusible webbing or a heat bond backing to your fabric before you place it on the mat to cut.

I used a fusible fleece on the back of the purple fabric scallop to help stabilize it and then sewed the edges to finish the look.  I also added glittery tulle behind the scallop because glittery tulle makes everything better!  I cheated and glued the entire scallop circle with the mermaid directly onto the hat with super glue - I thought I'd hand stitch it on but time was of the essence. 

That's it for me!  And I think that's all of the birthday projects I wanted to share! 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Signs... Signs... Signs...

Good Morning!

I'm back today with a few typography/Subway Art signs that I've made recently and just put up in my shop.  A few weeks ago the weather was beautiful, my back and ankle were starting to feel better and I really wanted to update the signs offered in my shop

I'm not sure how much I've explained about my process for creating signs, but I use my Silhouette Cameo to format the signs and cut the vinyl that acts as a reverse stencil.  Anyways, I had been looking for new ideas for my signs, something to make them a little more exciting and different... and I came across the designs to create these signs...

I love the banner on this sign.  And, of course, the saying is sweet.
Since the weather had been so nice, spring definitely inspired my paint color palette!
I think this one is my favorite.  I love the fonts, banner and color...
And any mention of a cupcake makes me happy!

I made this sign for the little girl's birthday that I shared the wrapping for on Monday...
Her room is done in pink, turquoise and purple and has a mermaid theme.  Her Mom loves Disney and so I decided to take a verse from Disney's The Little Mermaid's song, "Under the Sea" and create a Subway Art sign with it.

I used the wave boarder on the top of the sign and a seashell boarder on the bottom.  And the paint color is Snow White's Song by Disney.  I also distressed the sign around the edges... it turned out so cute, but I was singing "Under the Sea" for days after creating this sign!

And finally, I created a special order for a customer.  I don't have this sign listed in my shop because I think that the customer requested a sign that she'd seen somewhere else and I don't want to infringe or copy outright...
But I love this sign!  She wanted a curved title at the top and this was my first time creating one.  I love the way it all turned out!  And I love learning how to do something new!

I have more signs listed in my shop that I'll be sharing next week.  And I'm finishing another new sign that I'm donating to Adam's preschool for their Open House Raffle - I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see it all done!

You can visit my shop to see all of the signs.  My shop name is Kutz, Paper, Scissors but the web address is or click on any of the links in this post that say "shop".

I'll see you Friday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinned Up Monday!

Good Morning!

I'm back from my unplanned but very necessary week blogging break.  I was able to upload all of my photo's, plan out posts, work on pillows, create new signs for my shop... I even taught a Make-n-Take at Collective Journey's for a charity event on Saturday!  I was able to see old friends... holla Mary, Naomi, Karen, Janice - there and teach a fun and simple project that I created with my Silhouette! 

And speaking of my Silhouette Cameo, it's been getting a good workout lately!  I've been using it a lot!  And today's Pinned Up project is just 1 example of what I've been using it for!  Here's my Pinterest inspiration...

{photo courtesy of via Pinterest}

No, I did not make a cake using my Cameo... but I could probably use it to decorate one!  I love that banners are popping up everywhere!  Banner's are just for hanging from walls and ceilings, they're even great for decorating unexpected places... like this birthday cake!  And since I had a little girls birthday present to wrap, I decided to take the birthday banner idea in a new direction!

I wrapped the gift with kraft paper that I use to ship my signs.  I then took scraps of different October Afternoon lines that I had and cut pennants using my Silhouette Cameo.  My favorite part of the whole project was that I could cut 3-4 scrap pieces of paper in one shot!  I just mapped out my cutting mat, put the different paper on different parts of the mat and cut!

I still had some scraps of scraps, so I grabbed my heart punch and punched a few hearts to add to the banner.

I then sewed all of the banners together with my sewing machine - this took maybe 5 minutes. 

Of course, the gift needed a tag so I used my Cameo to create one.  I used a number tag, (it's was her first birthday so I choose the "1" tag) , typed the birthday girls name in and had my cameo cut it out.  I liked the negative effect and debated about backing it with a solid but liked the way it looked without.  I used my software to create the rectangle and the wording that would fit perfectly on the tag - I just printed and then cut it out and the tag was done!  Super cute, personalized tag all with my Silhouette Cameo!

Here's the final gift wrapping!  I love the simple but sweet look of the different patterns on the kraft paper!  Looks old fashioned but still current!

That's it for me!  Have a great start to your week and I'll see you back here on Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mid-week Opps

So, umm, ya... Pinned Up Monday didn't really happen this week.  Sorry!  It was a crazy busy past week days - between the Wedding prep, the Wedding, Easter, 250 pillow covers that are waiting to be sewn, my Sister & her progeny visiting, me being sick, Adam being sick...  So, I'm sorry, but I'm sure you all understand!

And since I am so late in posting, well, anything, I've decided to take the week off from posting!  I'm sorry, but I have stacks of laundry, a messy house, pillows and pillows and pillows, thread hanging off of every article of clothing that I wear and lots of samples that need to be made!

I promise to share lots and lots next week, you won't be disappointed!
Thanks so much!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring/Easter Round Up!


Today I'm sharing a plethora of Spring and Easter ideas!  Some are mine, other's are from Pinterest and blogs that I travel to daily!

I'll start with mine, then switch to others!

Adam and Aidan Easter Layout

Burlap Butterfly Bag

Spring Branch Hanging Decor

Spring Bird Cage

Paint Chip Egg Banner

Paper Chick Treat Holders Easter Basket

Bunny and Chick Treat Bags

Eggs in a Nest Cupcakes

Adam Easter Layout

Peeps Bunting Felt Banner

Peeps Table Banner

And now for others!  Thank goodness for Pinterest, Tattertots and Jello, WIP...

And this is just a few!  I could go on... and on... and on!  I wanted to make so much more this Easter - I really really really wanted to make this Easter Bunny wreath, I have the supplies - wonder if I can get it made with a wedding tomorrow that we're all in, 250 pillow cover orders to sew, my sis and nephew and niece coming into town today... and normal mommy stuff?  We'll see.  If I could just stay awake to 1am or 2 am and not be tired the next day! 

Have a great Easter!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Peep's Travel In Style

Good Morning!

I'm squeezing this post in real quick - just looked at the time and need to get my little man dressed and off to PreSchool for his Egg Hunt today!

Okay, so yesterday I introduced you to these little guys...
My little paper chick treat holders.  Peep Peep.

Well, I couldn't send these little guys in a plain bag to Adam's class - they're so cute, they needed to go in style... so I grabbed a few supplies that I had on hand that are ALL from the Dollar Tree!  Yup - I love me some Dollar Tree crafting!

I had this Easter basket, some foam/glittery flowers and butterflies, a few floral foam inserts and some shred.  I figured our Peep's could fit in here somewhere...

I cut down the foam inserts and put 2 of them in the basket.  I then covered it up with shred.

I grabbed my flower and butterfly picks and started filing in the basket.  I used the sticks from the flowers to help the chicks stay up right...

And here's my finished Peep basket.  Aren't they cute?

The basket is perfect - full of bright colors and fun treats just waiting for little hands to dig in!  Talk about an inexpensive project!  This could also work for a centerpiece for Easter!

Have a great day!  I'll see you all tomorrow!