Monday, April 2, 2012

Pinned Down Mondays


Phew!  Sorry about the late post - I kept telling myself that I needed to download my photos and then I'd start a load of laundry or cut fabric or wipe a runny nose... so, an 8 o'clock post it is!

Since Easter is this weekend (I know, I say it every time now, but it really snuck up on me!), I've decided to do a few Easter projects to share!  Here is my Pinterest inspiration...

(Source via Pinterest)

Yep, paint chip eggs.  Easy.  Free.  Cute.  Colorful.  Everything that I like.

So I started with these...

I grabbed a bunch of pastel paint chips from the Disney paint chip section in Home Depot.  I love the names... "Thinking Spot" is my favorite. 

And then I traced egg shapes that I had cut with my Silhouette for another project (I'll share Wednesday) onto the back of the cards.

It actually went by quick.  Quicker than I thought it would.

And then I cut them out. Again, it seems like it would take longer than it did.

 Aren't they pretty?  I love color.

And then I sewed them into a banner with my sewing machine.  You can see my sewing on paper tutorial here.  Very quick.  And easy.  And colorful.  (Those seem to be my key words tonight).

And here it is, hung in all it's glory in the Playroom.

That's it for me tonight!  Head over to Home Depot or Lowes, grab a few (okay, an embarrassingly large stash) paint chips and do something... errr... colorful!

See you Wednesday!

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