Monday, April 16, 2012

Pinned Up Monday!

Good Morning!

I'm back from my unplanned but very necessary week blogging break.  I was able to upload all of my photo's, plan out posts, work on pillows, create new signs for my shop... I even taught a Make-n-Take at Collective Journey's for a charity event on Saturday!  I was able to see old friends... holla Mary, Naomi, Karen, Janice - there and teach a fun and simple project that I created with my Silhouette! 

And speaking of my Silhouette Cameo, it's been getting a good workout lately!  I've been using it a lot!  And today's Pinned Up project is just 1 example of what I've been using it for!  Here's my Pinterest inspiration...

{photo courtesy of via Pinterest}

No, I did not make a cake using my Cameo... but I could probably use it to decorate one!  I love that banners are popping up everywhere!  Banner's are just for hanging from walls and ceilings, they're even great for decorating unexpected places... like this birthday cake!  And since I had a little girls birthday present to wrap, I decided to take the birthday banner idea in a new direction!

I wrapped the gift with kraft paper that I use to ship my signs.  I then took scraps of different October Afternoon lines that I had and cut pennants using my Silhouette Cameo.  My favorite part of the whole project was that I could cut 3-4 scrap pieces of paper in one shot!  I just mapped out my cutting mat, put the different paper on different parts of the mat and cut!

I still had some scraps of scraps, so I grabbed my heart punch and punched a few hearts to add to the banner.

I then sewed all of the banners together with my sewing machine - this took maybe 5 minutes. 

Of course, the gift needed a tag so I used my Cameo to create one.  I used a number tag, (it's was her first birthday so I choose the "1" tag) , typed the birthday girls name in and had my cameo cut it out.  I liked the negative effect and debated about backing it with a solid but liked the way it looked without.  I used my software to create the rectangle and the wording that would fit perfectly on the tag - I just printed and then cut it out and the tag was done!  Super cute, personalized tag all with my Silhouette Cameo!

Here's the final gift wrapping!  I love the simple but sweet look of the different patterns on the kraft paper!  Looks old fashioned but still current!

That's it for me!  Have a great start to your week and I'll see you back here on Wednesday!

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