Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring/Easter Round Up!


Today I'm sharing a plethora of Spring and Easter ideas!  Some are mine, other's are from Pinterest and blogs that I travel to daily!

I'll start with mine, then switch to others!

Adam and Aidan Easter Layout

Burlap Butterfly Bag

Spring Branch Hanging Decor

Spring Bird Cage

Paint Chip Egg Banner

Paper Chick Treat Holders Easter Basket

Bunny and Chick Treat Bags

Eggs in a Nest Cupcakes

Adam Easter Layout

Peeps Bunting Felt Banner

Peeps Table Banner

And now for others!  Thank goodness for Pinterest, Tattertots and Jello, WIP...

And this is just a few!  I could go on... and on... and on!  I wanted to make so much more this Easter - I really really really wanted to make this Easter Bunny wreath, I have the supplies - wonder if I can get it made with a wedding tomorrow that we're all in, 250 pillow cover orders to sew, my sis and nephew and niece coming into town today... and normal mommy stuff?  We'll see.  If I could just stay awake to 1am or 2 am and not be tired the next day! 

Have a great Easter!

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