Thursday, April 22, 2010

Princess Maya Centerpieces

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I love Thursday because Friday is just around the corner which means that family time on the weekend is almost here! I just had to post this project that I've been working on for a couple of days - I think it's super cute and it was very easy! There is a very special little girl who is turning one next week and her Mom is one of my Besties - so we had to create a monkey/princess/pink/purple and completely "Maya" centerpiece for the birthday party! 

My QuicKutz supply was a huge help, I simply cut the stars, monkey, crown and #1 from felt using my dies, did a little bit of sewing just to add some punch, covered a large cardboard (not heavy weight) circle with flannel - I used spray adhesive and then sewed the edges for reinforcement - and added a boa of feather boas around the top and bottom! Super easy, super fun! I absolutely LOVE it! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! Here's a matching banner - I'm planning to change the pink letters to a darker pink so they show up better, but at least you can see the direction that I'm going!

Happy almost Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

QuicKutz Newest Release!

Hurray! QuicKutz has officially released their newest set of dies, which I personally LOVE! At first glance you may not be head over heels, but once you realize that these dies can be used for every project that you may have, you might go ahead and fall! Here are my samples that I made for the QuicKutz Design Team, I hope that my pages/crafts help you think of all the fun and creative ways that you can use your new dies! My favorite from this release? Probably the English Rose font and the Nesting Flowers!

{QK nesting circles, rabbit, bird, font & chick}

{QK Nesting flowers. nesting circles, English Rose Font, Shamrock, Sketchbook page}

{QK nesting ric-rac circles, English Rose Font, nesting circles}

{QK nesting flowers, font, circles}

{QK matchbox, ric-rac nesting squares, font}

{QK Paperdoll Font, composition book, nesting ric-rac circles}

{QK Sketch Book, font}

{QK Font, Scallop Border, Clouds}

My favorite project, probably the banner - I can't wait to make one for Adam's playroom! Super fun and easy!

Have fun today!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Garden


It's been beautiful here lately... it hasn't been too hot or too cold, we've had a nice mixture of sunny days and of cloudy days, it's definitely spring!

We planted a garden this year - I've been trying to kill it (inadvertently) since we planted it. You see, I have a multi-colored thumb but that's just from the ink that I use while doing projects! And at times I've had a green thumb, but this green thumb doesn't carry over into the planting world.

Luckily, my husband has a very green thumb and it looks like my little boy does too! He loves to be a helper, he helped me put seeds in the holes, he helped his Daddy shovel and rake before we planted, he helps water the garden... he's a helper!

Anyways - again, I don't have any new projects to post - I've been working hard on wedding invitations and I believe that I've had pretty much every machine that I've been using break or explode or go rogue... but I just keep reminding myself that without invitations there will be no one at the wedding which means there'd be no need for cake - that would be a disaster! So, I keep cutting, cutting, cutting and today I will start gluing and punching (both for crafting and for letting off steam) and pretty soon there will be a gorgeous bride walking down the aisle to a very handsome young man who will be in awe of her and they'll start their life together... so paper cuts seem like a very little sacrifice...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Peeps! Happy Easter!


Well, I know I said I'd post a project at the end of last weekend, but with a sick little boy and an infection of my own... I'm sure you understand! But here's a picture (sorry about the poor lighting, our dinning room light is awful) of a fun little project that I saw on and just had to copy.

{Peeps Banner}

I loved making this banner (very easy and inexpensive), so I made 2 more and a couple of door hangers! Anyways - you can get the template on her blog along with a lot of other fun and cute ideas! Hope you enjoy the one that I made, we sure have been!

Happy Easter, Everyone!