Saturday, June 28, 2014

Candy Dispenser Terrarium


It's June!  Actually, its the END of June!  Is anyone else shocked by this fact?

I barely have enough time to squeeze in my WeR Lifestyle Crafts Studio Team project and post!  And, the crazy part is, my project has been done for weeks!  But, I started back to school, yes, me! in early June so all of my computer time has been doing homework and once I'm done with homework, I put my computer down with relief and ignore it until I need to do more homework so the blog has suffered greatly!

But enough about homework, lets talk terrarium!

Terrariums are kind of the cool thing right now.  If you're been on Pinterest or read any sort of design/DIY magazine lately, or basically existed, you've probably seen some sort of terrarium.

I love the idea of making up little worlds inside our world.  The idea of fairies, gnomes, imps, etc. living in a miniature world under our feet makes me happy.  I've been on the lookout for a cute container to make my own world in with succulents and flowers and happened upon this cute, old fashioned looking candy dispenser at a yardsale for $1.  I snatched it up, took it home and knew that it would be a perfect, fun container to create a miniature world in for the playroom.

I had everything for my terrarium, so I cleaned the candy disassembled and cleaned out the candy dispenser.  I then lined it with garden fabric and taped off any openings with blue tape.  I filled it with 3 different layers:
1.  Glass Marbles
2.  Succulent soil
3.  Pea Gravel
I placed my small succulents in the soil and realized that I may have filled it up just a little too much, but luckily for me, succulents aren't that picky and I was able to move them around until I had the formation I wanted.

I asked Lil' A what kind of world he wanted for his terrarium and he picked a prehistoric one, so I used my QuicKutz dinosaur die and a few flowers to cut from solid paper.  We made the dinosaur blue and the flowers yellow, hoping the colors would pop against the succulents.

I taped toothpicks on the back of the flowers and dinosaur so that they would stand up in the terrarium and it worked like a charm!

The fun part of this is that we can change it out with ease!  We can do a seasonal theme, match the terrarium to whatever Lil' A is into at any given moment with no expense and very little time!

You can do this same idea in any container, it doesn't have to be a candy dispenser!  You can go to the DollarTree or the 99Cents Store and find a number of containers that would work... let your imagination grow roots!

And, if you need any dies for your terrarium, use code KUTZPAPER at checkout to receive 20% off!

Thanks for stopping today!  Here's to hoping we can all find a little magic in our worlds today!