Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A 5 minute, FREE project!

Yes, I promise.

5 Minutes


Oh, and cool.  At least, I think it's cool.

Here it is.

See the banner?  It's paint chips from Home Depot.  I picked 5 of each color hue: red, white and blue.  I then sewed them into a banner.  So easy.  I've thought about punching out a star randomly on different paint chips, but I'm afraid I won't like it and then I'll have a banner I don't like anymore.  I'd also sew it a little looser so that there'd be more space between either chip. 

I also downloaded some patriotic subway art from eighteen 25  - you can download it here.  I then uploaded it to Costco and viola.  A red, white and cool little 4th of July mantle for under $1 if you count the money I spent on the subway art.

That's it for today! 

See you all later!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Under wraps

Okay, real quick - this is what I did today! 

Made a beach/swim robe.

Bribed my child with 2 M&M's to let me take a picture of him in afore mentioned robe.

Took picture.

In the house, next to the couch... in our beach/swim robe.  But the smile is killer, even if the setting doesn't really enhance the robe.

Then I got this pose.

A peek of leg.

Nothing cuter than a semi-bare child and a little stuffed bear. 

This was my first time sewing sleeves or a hood.  Actually, first time sewing any piece of clothing.  It was fun, it took me a little while last night to cut the pattern out, then the morning to sew it together.  I let Adam pick out his towel and the fabric for the binding, hence the lovely patterns with green.  I'm cool with it, he's the one that has to wear - at least, that's what I thought before he didn't want to wear it. 


Someday I may NOT have to bribe my child to wear and love what I make for him.  Maybe.  We'll see.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A new layout to share!

Hmm, so, I'm down to a new post a week.  Not really where I want to be, but it's better than not posting at all, right??  I've been debating about taking a hiatus from the blog world, like taking a month off till I get back on track with all of my work obligations and being a Mommy.  What do you think?  Blogging takes a lot of time and since I already do one Design Team blog every morning at Pages, doing mine falls to the wayside.  As does the laundry, cleaning... you get the picture.  But, I decided to not stop blogging and just to limit my posts, so this is a apology in advance for the haphazard posts over the next month or so.  Okay, now that that's out of the way, here's a Page's Design Team 2 page layout.

Little Firecracker Layout

I know it's a little difficult to see, but I machine stitched around the banner/picture square and I used my sewing machine to create the fireworks.  Here's a few close ups of the stitching.

Sewn firecrackers with rhinestones

Since part of our DT assignment was to sew on one of our projects, I grabbed my machine and tried to think of a unique way to use it.  I figure that using it to create an image would be pretty cool and I really like the way it turned out.  I added the different color rhinestones in different clusters to give the fireworks the "bang" that they need!

Here's a few closeups of the banner, embellishments and a picture pocket that I created.


Die cuts as a title

Pocket with stitched border and picture in center

Embellishment with journaling tag

Die cuts stick in pocket for journaling
I used My Minds Eye American Made paper line for my projects and I absolutely love it!  I love how versatile it is!  If you remember, I used some of the paper in a vintage dress form card from a few posts ago.  I used a sketch from http://www.sketchsupport.com/ for my inspiration, you should check out their website if you're looking for an idea!

That's it for today (maybe this week?).  I'll be back as soon as I can !

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pages to share!

Hello again!  I have a few layout's to share that I completed for my PageMaps sketch class at Pages from the Heart.  Take a look!

I used My Minds Eye Hooray line, which was very fun to use and I think, if you were particular with the paper selection, that it would be gender neutral.  I made my pages a little more feminine because I don't get to create feminine pages very often!  So I took my chance!  Here's a few close-ups.

Button Balloons

Pocket for extra photos

And here's the other layout.  I used the same paper, but created a fun little cupcake journaling or hidden picture spot!

Cupcake hidden space

Cupcake pulled out of pocket

Title space - circle created with bakers twine


Well, that's it!  This class is coming up this Saturday at Pages, so call Kathy to sign up!

Hope you have a great day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sew Funky Craft Fair

I'm so excited - I'm participating in this craft fair and really looking forward to it!  Please, come down and check it out!

I'm really excited, I'll be selling my Baby Body Bibs, contoured burp cloths, NOOK covers, aprons... hopefully subway art (if I can get it to work!)...  maybe some pillows... I have a ton one my "to-do" list, now it's just about actually getting it done!

I'm at Page's today teaching the "Feel'n Fancy" class -

The class is full, but if you'd like to purchase a kit, please email me - kutzpaperscissors@gmail.com.

See you back here tomorrow - with more paper projects!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finally! Paper projects to share!

Hello, everyone!  Thanks for being so patient - if you follow me because you  like my papercrafting, you've probably been a little bored lately with all of the sewing talk... and lack of any talk!  But, I've been making up for all of the time spent sewing by working with my normals... Kutz, Paper and Scissors (not to mention glue, distress ink, ribbons)!

I have a card class coming up this Saturday at Collective Journey - here's what we'll be making!
Do you remember that one?  It's one of my favorites and it was supposed to be in last months class that had to be cancelled, so I was happy to bring it back this month!

My Mustache Macho Man card is sure to please... well... it pleases me anyways!  I still want to sew on the top of the mustaches but that'll have to wait till after the class because I'm not lugging my sewing machine around!

My Dad's a classic, maybe you someone else that this card would be great for?  And Dad, if you ever check my blog, I don't mean classic as in old, but timeless and solid and good and you'll never go out of style in my opinion.

Does this card look familiar?  It should, but just different paper and theme.  Still very cute, though!

A cute little Thank You card to have on hand - I have to say thank you A LOT!  Thank goodness I don't have any "I'm Sorry" cards, or I'd have to admit when I was wrong!

This one is probably my favorite that I created for this class - I love the MyMindsEye Americana paper and how it lends itself for a more vintage look - mixed with the Tim Holtz dress form, button and thread spool, it's perfect!

That's it for today!  I'll share close ups of these cards next week along with some tips, but I have to save some of my knowledge for the class!

Later, alligators!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Kissui Craft Fair Recap

Well, it came and went in a flash!  Meghann and I are both really happy with what we sold, especially for our first craft fair experience!  And, with all of our friends and even our 6th grade teacher stopped by to chat, the time flew by!  Before we knew it, it was 3 pm and everyone was packing up!  Here's a few pictures!

We had a prime spot!  We were the first table in the door on the right - you couldn't ignore us even if you tried!  And, to top if off, we were across from Kissui's table that was selling cupcakes... talk about a yummy distraction!

I also thought it was really cool that there weren't a lot of duplicates at the craft fair.  We were the only table selling car seat covers, baby bibs and burp cloths.  I also put my scrapbook out there in case anyone was interested in purchasing a custom book but... I think people thought I was just bragging about my cute little boy!  Oh well, it was kinda a last minute thought to include it!

Here's a few close-ups!
Notice the M&M's - yes, I'm not above bribery...

Meghann has such cute fabric for her car seat covers - I loved them!
The mannequin and messenger bags on it are all made by Designs by Deb - her messenger bags are awesome!  The burp cloth on the mannequin is one of mine!

All in all, I think it was awesome and cannot wait to do another one!

I'll check back in tomorrow with a papercrafting project to share!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's finally here!

Phew!  Kissui's 1st Craft Fair is finally here!  Come down and say hi - I'll have chocolate to bribe you with!
Here's some of the projects that I've been working on - I think my final count is 9 Baby Body Bibs and 22 Contoured Burp Cloths and only 1 bandelero... sigh... stupid back that gave out on me really cut into my bandelero time!  I tried to create Subway Art but kept running into glitches - like the vinyl not sticking... grrr.  I'll try to figure out a solution and make them again!  I also wanted to make aprons and pillows and those didn't happen either... sigh.  Next time!

Here's some samples of my goodies!

Stella in a Baby Body Bib - isn't she the cutest?

View from behind

Here's a few different patterns of the Baby Body Bibs and the Contoured Burp Cloths!
Mushroom Body Bib

Retro Blue Body Bib

Contoured Burp Cloth

Damask Pattern Burp Cloth

Peace Burp Cloth

That's it for today, wish me luck in my first every craft fair!  I'll be back Monday hopefully with some paper crafts!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I can't believe it's June!

June means summer, June means hot, June means we're that much closer to Christmas!  Yikes! 

June also means ice cream, bar-be-ques, vacations, beach trips... so since we're talking about the stuff we enjoy about June, take a look at my ENJOY card.  Very simple, I love it!
The envelope is a diecut from Stamp'in Up - it's sweet, isn't it?  The ice cream cone is a little rectangle I cut out of the Nikki Sivil's paper and then ran it through my xyron machine and sprinkled glass glitter all over it.  I stitched around the edges of my patterned paper, scallop circle and to underline the "Enjoy" phrase.  the ribbon is just to add a little extra pop! 

Hope you're all enjoying your week!  And I hope it was full of ice cream and treats!

I have my craft fair this weekend, so I don't plan to blog until next Monday! 
- A