Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's finally here!

Phew!  Kissui's 1st Craft Fair is finally here!  Come down and say hi - I'll have chocolate to bribe you with!
Here's some of the projects that I've been working on - I think my final count is 9 Baby Body Bibs and 22 Contoured Burp Cloths and only 1 bandelero... sigh... stupid back that gave out on me really cut into my bandelero time!  I tried to create Subway Art but kept running into glitches - like the vinyl not sticking... grrr.  I'll try to figure out a solution and make them again!  I also wanted to make aprons and pillows and those didn't happen either... sigh.  Next time!

Here's some samples of my goodies!

Stella in a Baby Body Bib - isn't she the cutest?

View from behind

Here's a few different patterns of the Baby Body Bibs and the Contoured Burp Cloths!
Mushroom Body Bib

Retro Blue Body Bib

Contoured Burp Cloth

Damask Pattern Burp Cloth

Peace Burp Cloth

That's it for today, wish me luck in my first every craft fair!  I'll be back Monday hopefully with some paper crafts!!

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