Saturday, March 26, 2011

Final post for a few days...

so here's a project that ISN'T a card!  What?  I know, crazy, right?  Finally!

So, one of my best friends has a little boy, Timber, who is 1.5 years old and is super cute with red hair like his Daddy but big brown eye's like his Mama... He is funny, into everything and a boys-boy.  They live in Kentucky and his favorite animal is a horse (and rightfully so - hello, Kentucky!).  I wanted to make him a little shirt that was personal to him, so I used my Silhouette to cut out a horse silhouette along with the word "Stallion" - his Mama and Daddy both have awesome senses of humor so I thought they'd appreciate this statement.

I'm hoping that it gets to KY today, along with some hand-me -downs from Adam!  Next is a shirt for Timber's big sis, Sophia, and a shirt for my little niece, Nora.  I'm thinking something spring-ish... we'll see. 

So, like I mentioned yesterday, I'll be MIA for the next few days, but when I come back I hope to have a lot to share!

See you Wednesday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Layouts on Friday

I made a few layouts this week, which was very fun but a little bit hard because I was doing beach-y layouts while it was raining and cold and I just didn't feel creative.  Anyone have days/weeks like that?  And the disappointing part was that I LOVE the paper that I used - it was October Afternoon's Seaside and I love the vintage feel but the fun colors... but I was struggling.  Here's my first 2 page layout -
{Left page, 2 page layout}

{Right page, 2 page layout}

I know that it's hard to tell, but the wave patterned paper has pieces of the waves that are popped up & they have glossy accents on them.  These were the first that I did, I especially feel like the upper page needs some help.  I want to go find some little shells, maybe some small bottles to fill with sand...  I'm also planning to write "just" in a white pen above "beachy", but I can't find my pen right now...

Here's the next page.  I like this one, I used the LifeStyle Crafts CHA release for the labels, which I really like, but I think that it'll look better once  I embellishment them...  Again, I feel like this layout needs more but I'm not sure what...
{Stinkbug Layout}

{Closeup of labels}

And here's the final layout.  This one is my favorite, I like the white space, the embellishments... the pictures.  I just like it. 
These are for my upcoming PageMaps Class at Pages From the Heart.  Please call Kathy and sign up if you're interested - 626.358.5334.

Hope you all have a great weekend - I'm leaving Sunday for some scrapping! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm a really bad addict

I mean, really!  I proclaimed my addiction to blogging last week and then take 5 days off!  What kind of addict do I think I am? Not a very good one, except for with chocolate - I can't seem to go 1 day let along 5 days without it!

So, here's a little something to keep you interested - a sweet Springtime banner using Graphic45's Once Upon a Springtime... I LOVE the Beatrice Potter Bunny's in this line - I'm wanting to make a little baby boy card with it - soon...

I know that it's hard to tell, but there are actually 3 and 4 levels of dimension to this banner.  The flowers are all layered, the book is layered - there's also stickles galore on it, obviously!

I'm sorry that the pictures are that great - I don't have an excuse except that I didn't realize it until I uploaded them onto my computer but the sample is already living at Pages From the Heart.

This banner and the Springtime card class will be at Pages From the Heart on April 9th.  Here's the card.
{Once Upon a Springtime Card Closed}

{Once Upon A Springtime Card as plaque}

If you'd like to sign up for this class, please give Kathy at Pages a call! 626-358-5334.  I thought that the banner would  be great for a baby girl or for Easter of just to hang as something pretty. 

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday.  I told myself that once we reached Adams "supposed-to-be" due date, which is today (3 years ago!) that I'd do potty training... yikes.  I'll start tomorrow. Or maybe Friday... or maybe next Friday...


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Please Sir, may I have some more?

More?  Okay... here's another card.  I feel like I have cards coming out my ears!  I totally lifted this sketch (altho it wasn't really in sketch form...) from wipkits.  I used my own paper, my own stamps, etc, but the bones are all Trish's from WIP.  I did manipulate it a little, but I'm not even going to lie, it's pretty similar - I couldn't help myself, it was the cover of a mini-album and I fell in love with it!

{Card Picture Removed for Publication}

I love this card... and it's so easy.  I actually made it for Crate Paper's Color Challenge, and ended up liking it so much that I'm using it for my "Flower Power" class at Collective Journey this Thursday. 

The yellow patterned paper and the wood grain paper are both from Crate Paper.  The doily is cut in thirds, the gray/white dot is an OLD one from DCWV - like, 6-7 years old!  The typewriter is a stamp from October Afternoon's Thrift Store line.  I love this stamp.  The flower is a punched circle that I put a brad thru and then cut slits into the center, not quite reaching the brad.  Super easy, very fun.  I used a coffee filter behind my flower, but I stamped random words on it and crunched it up then distressed it.

I love all the texture in this card, from the heavy twine to the coffee filter, and the doily then the flower. 

I am hoping to get some new projects done on Monday, tomorrow is the "Happy Camper" mini-album in Monrovia! 

Don't forget, we're still taking submissions for the Pages From the Heart Design Team!

I'm taking tomorrow off, I'll see you back here on Monday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks!

I made green eggs today.  I was then told that a little someone wanted yellow eggs... green eggs looked gross.  I then tried green milk - again, I was told that milk is supposed to be either white or brown.  Hmm, I can only imagine what he would've done if he'd found the pot of gold!  Probably sent it back because it didn't have chocolate in it!  Crazy little lovie. 

I wanted to share a card that I made recently.  It's a sweet baby card, it's based on the baby card that I created for the baby shower that was lost in the Desktop crash of 2011 - I've decided that it deserved a title!

It's a card with both Girls Paperie paper and a little October Afternoon.  Can you see the little flag?  Above the flower?  Flags are pretty cool right now!

Hope everyone had plenty of green food to last them another year!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I just couldn't stay away...

From my 16 followers - lol - just kidding!  I think I'm going to have to go to Bloggers Anonymous.  "Hello, my name is Andrea and I am a blogger."

I just sent in my Jillibean Design Team submission.  I know, I know, I didn't tell you guys... in fact, I wasn't going to tell anyone because I didn't want to have to admit to the whole cyber world if I wasn't selected!  But I wanted to share the page layout and the card that I created this morning to submit.  I didn't have as much time as I wanted to create samples for the submission, I received the Jillibean supplies that I ordered yesterday - yikes!  But I do really like the page -

 I used all Jillibean patterned paper for this layout - I also used the little flowers and journaling doo-dads.  Very fun.  I loved the element paper - a friend of mine is a science dork, I'm wanting to use this paper for his birthday card.  The possibilities are endless!  Of course, my cute little leprechaun helps make the page!

Here's the card that I created.  It's a kind of hybrid of 2 of my go-to card sketches.  Take a look - can you tell which ones?
Again, all the paper, the canvas flower, the tag, the banner is all from Jillibean.  I really like this card, it's a good mixture of their different lines, which just goes to show that their paper is very interchangeable.

Here are two cards that I didn't submit because they're more about the technique than the actual looks of the cards.  They're both in upcoming classes.
I used all Jillibean paper for this card, but this card is for my Flower Power class.  Technique= flower rolling.  Fun = endless.  I don't know what it is that I don't LOVE about this card, I think the proportions are off to me....  So, come take my class!  Way to sell it, Andrea!

And I do really like this last card, but it's a little more simple.

Again, all the paper is Jillibean, the cloud pin is American Crafts, the buttons are misc.  I made the sun from a star punch... wha-wha-what?!  Yes, you can make a sun from a star punch.  After all, the sun is a giant star... or are stars little suns?  I don't know, but I think that one of those statements is spot on... "You are my sunshine" is a song that I sung to Adam in the NICU, which I still sing to him today.  The clouds are from my Cookie Cutter cloud border die by QuicKutz, I just cut it into pieces and put the fluffs where I wanted them.

Anyways - I'll be back tomorrow since I have a serious problem.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another Crate project to share...

I made a little shadow box for my scraffice today... I really just wanted a project where I could use either Emma's Shoppe or Portrait since they're so beautiful and a little more girly - and since I couldn't pick one, I used both!  Here's what the shadow box started out as -
My Dad brought me back these little ducky feet egg holders from their vacation - isn't that awesome?!  My Dad is the best, seriously, I only have the most amazing things to say about my Dad - he's good, and kind, and honest, and brave, and funny, and smart and fun - and so much more!  Anyways, he knows that I LOVE Carlton Walking Ware and thought that these little guys might be a nice addition to my collection, and he's totally right!  Anyways, as soon as I saw the box I thought "Hmm, what can I do with that?"
And this is what I came up with.  I used paper from both Emma's Shoppe and Portrait, the little sewing machine, silhouette and heart are all chipboard shapes from the 2 collections.  The little bow above the portrait is from Jenni Bowline - it's hard to see but it has a little bling on it, super cute!  I also used s string of pearls to go around the whole box, and on the outside I covered the sides and top with paper.  The spools of thread I found at a scrapbook store yesterday on our train trip - I covered one with twine, one with paper and one with crocheted lace.  Here's a few close-ups of the boxes -

And here's a angle where you can see the sides of the box.  I got so lucky that the color of the box already went with my color palette, it made it so that I didn't have to cover the whole box!  Yay!

I left the Silhouette box a little plain because I think that I want to put a chipboard "A" for Andrea there, but I might decide to give this away as a little "Thank You" present, so I'm leaving my options open!

Happy Monday, hope the beginning of your week brings great things!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A fun-filled weekend!

I can't believe it's Sunday already, the DH has to go back to work tomorrow and I feel like we just started the weekend!  But what a fun weekend it was! 

Saturday I worked on samples, I did get my hands on the new Crate Paper lines... all of them!  I made a super fun carousel based on a project that I found on Crate Paper's blog.  I used Toy Box, which was soo much fun!  I LOVE cute and fun boy stuff!  And I LOVE how cool it is, like, I felt like I could've used the patterns on anything, they're not babyish, they're not cutsie, they're really just plain, ol' printed awesomeness!  Here's how it turned out -
{Dump Truck angle}

{Dukes of Hazard angle}

{Top view with tricycle}

It's on display at Collective Journey's - but it was deceptively easy to make!  I want to make more!

I also finished my Spring Banner with Graphic45's Once Upon a Springtime, I'll post a picture this week. 

We spent time with my parents, they got back from a 3 week vacation on Friday and I think they missed the boys - my Mom found some great deals, I'm starting up an Esty shop so I'll be selling some of it there! 

And today we went on the train!  Yay!  Adam was so excited, we got onto the Metrolink at the San Berdo station and took it to Claremont, walked around for a few hours, had some lunch (and ice cream!) and then came back home.  Adam didn't want to get off the train - here's a happy Adam face to prove it (and a tired Mommy face!)!

I hope that your weekend was full of fun and craftiness!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A productive kind of day...

although, I did have to explain to my little guy why we couldn't go to the park, or Disneyland everyday... he said it's not very much fun being "sponsisisibul".  I couldn't agree more, smart boy.  But, we went to Target, had a Jamba Juice for a treat, then went onto Collective Journey's 'cause Mama needs some new paper!  Crate Paper, that is!  And I plan to spend the weekend cutting and playing with it!  Yay!  I even finished a banner using Graphic45's Once Upon a Springtime so that I could concentrate on Toy Box, or Emma's Shoppe, I might even take a stroll through the Neighborhood... lots of fun with an awesome paper company!

I'm also hoping to actually do a little bit of sewing - my machine is starting to collect dust and I have a few ideas swimming in my head of projects for my little guy and my sweet nephew.

And last, here's ANOTHER card - I know, I feel like all I do anymore is cards!

{Spring is in the Air Card removed for Publication!}

For this card I used The Girls Paperie paper.  I also used a large scallop punch, small circle punches (to create the scallops), a label punch, a bird cage stamp and a butterfly embossing/die cutting die.  I know it's hard to tell, but I stamped the bird cage on a transparency with black staz-on ink, then I cut it out and glued it to the label. 
This card is coming up in my April "Favorites" Cards class at Collective Journeys, so please call and sign up!

Happy Friday night!  Hope you get to sleep in tomorrow!  I know that's my goal!


Tsunami? My parents were evacuated this morning from the Santa Barbara coast... luckily they were there on vacation so they packed up their 5th Wheel and started on their way home.  My pseudo parents are vacationing in Hawaii - they were evacuated from their hotel and moved to higher ground - unfortunately they don't get to just go home but at least they're safe.  I keep thinking about Japan, about their 8.9 earthquake (we have plenty of experience with earth rolling in So Cal, but 8.9?!?!) and then the tsunami that followed and how thousands of miles away, my parents were evacuated from the same tsunami and I keep thinking about how connected we all really are and if we're all just an earth roll away from each other, maybe we should take a little more time to feel the connection and be nicer and kinder and more thoughtful to everyone... it's only 7:30 and I'm going all crazy, philosophical on you all!  Everyone who's been effected by this, you're in my thoughts.

To end this post on a lighter note, did you happen to notice the change of looks on my blog?  I found a free template and uploaded it and viola!  As a friend of mine would say, "You think you fancy, huh?" and I would say "Heck ya! I am fancy!"

I'll post again later today.  Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little bit of pretty

is what I'm in the mood to share tonight...

Aren't these silhouettes adorable?  This is a Hero Art's cling stamp, and I've been ohh-ing and aww-ing over it for a few months... so, I decided to buy it to use in a class - everyones happy!  At least, I'm happy!  This card is super simple, just a lot of layers, an easy fold/pleat technique and pretty, soft paper. 

And a pretty card using Echo Parks new line - Springtime.

The stamp is actually a Unity Stamp from Echo park... or is it an Echo Park Stamp from Unity?  I dunno... but, I know that I love the 2-seater bicycle!  It's from their Valentine line - which was awesome and vintag-ie and a little bit Parisian...

Both of these cards will be in my March Favorite Cards class at Collective Journeys. 

I don't have any classes this weekend... I'm planning to squeeze in some time to work on a springtime banner using Graphic45's Once Upon a Springtime and hopefully a little "me" time to play with the new Crate Paper lines - they just came in at CJ's and I can hardly wait!  I've been trying to get down there all week! 
Hope you have some crafty goodness planned for the weekend!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Posting Problems and a Card Tutorial

Good morning!  I'm sorry that I missed a few days... I took Monday off from blogging on purpose, I was super grumpy and knew that if I did a post it would sounds sarcastic and nasty, which I DID NOT want to be!  And then yesterday, I kept trying to sign into my blogger but it seems that they were having technical difficulties because the "sign-in" button wasn't anywhere to be found!  So, here we are today - with a fun tutorial!  Yay!

{A Treat for You! Card/Tags}

So, I made this little beauty with Glitz Paper, misc. sheet music, twine/ribbon and a cake stamp from Glitz which I LOVE - seriously, this stamp went on even (not all stamps are created equal!)- and LifeStyle Crafts Treat Bag!  Lets get started!  (Sorry about the picture quality in the tutorial, I was doing this in our dinning room where the light is gross!)
First, you'll want to die cut your treat bag from a brown paper lunch sack - Once it's cut, assemble with a tape runner or wet glue (I used a tape runner) and then ink the edges. If you want a more distressed look, crumble your bag and then flatten before you distress.

I couldn't decide what would look best, so I stamped my cake image on a piece of cream card stock, a piece of Glitz patterned paper and a scrap of sheet music.  I ended up liking the one on the patterned paper, so I cut it out and distressed the edges.

So, now it's kinda just playing to see what works best!  I cut a piece of patterned paper to glue directly to the bag, just a regular old rectangle.  I then punched a scallop circle with my large Marvy punch and then punched a circle from coordinating paper with my Marvy punch (I think the scallop is 3 in. and the circle is 2.5 in.)  I cut the scallop and circle in half, then glued them together and then to the edge of the treat bag.  I took my scrap of sheet music and pleated it randomly, I wanted it to look a little haphazard.  I then wrapped brown bakers twine around it and tied a knot.

I used foam squares to put the cake on.  I also colored in some of the flowers with my copic marker - I used red (It was all I had) and then rubbed a little distress ink on it to soften the brightness of the red.  I then put Glossy Accents all over the cake and let it dry.  Glue a little piece of ribbon (Websters - isn't is beautiful?) along the edge of the opening of the bag.

Next I worked on the tags.  I cut 2 pieces of printed paper (I think they're 3.5 x 5.5 in.) and then went to town on them!

For the first tag, I used my scallop border punch on one end, then rounded the top 2 corners.  After everything was the way I wanted it, I inked the edges.

I then took the same red patterned paper that I used on the treat bag and cut a piece for my tag.  I used my scallop border punch on one end and glued it down.  I took another scrap of my sheet music and pleated it and then glued it down.  I had to keep reminding myself not to over-do the tags, that we'd want room for putting a sentiment, etc.

For the next tag, I took the other half of the scallop circle from the front of the treat bag and inked it then glued it to the top of the tag.  I also corner rounded the bottom two corners.  Once you have the scalloped circle on, you'll want to cut the top two corners at an angle, so that your tag looks like a tag.

I then took a banner stamp and stamped it across the top of my tag, mostly on the scallop in black ink.  I also stamped it on the red patterned paper and cut a few banner triangles out to adhere to my tag.
I thought that I was missing something, so I found these Glitz stickers - they already have bling on them! - and decided to use one circle with bling on my tag and on the front of my treat bag.  I put one sticker towards the top of the treat bag and added a cream flower to the center.  I then put the other sticker on the other half of the circle (left over from the front of the treat bag) and glued that to the first tag.  I also doodled along the edge of the tag in black ink.

And here is the finished product!  I absolutely love this card/tag combo!  I just think it turned out better than I expected!

Yay!  This is going to be in my Favorite Cards Class at Collective Journeys, March 19th.  I also finished my samples for the April My Favorite Cards Class - they're at the store so you can go in and see them or stay tuned and I'll share some of them in the next few weeks!  If you'd like to sign up for the class please call Collective Journey's 909.793.2200!

Thanks!  We're off to the park!  It's a beautiful day today, and I have both Adam and Aidan - I see a great day in our future!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another preview...

Here's another card sample from "My Favorite Cards" class at Collective Journeys.

{Ships Ahoy Card}

This paper line is October Afternoon's Seaside - which I love!  I think this line is super fun... it's beachy, Americana, boyish, babyish... I think it really has something for everyone!  The only thing that needs to be added is the sentiment, I'm thinking a banner coming off the star???  The LifeStyle Crafts banner???  Hmmm - I'll sleep on that...

And on that note, I'm exhausted today!  Had a little kicky visitor climb into bed around 5 am this morning, and for some reason, having little toes curl into my back and then a swift elbow to my face and my pillow stolen didn't lull me back to sleep... 

 I'm gonna veg in front of horrible reality TV, shower and then hit the hay! 
Hope your night is whatever you need it to be!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Get Campy!

It's a beautiful day here today, I think it's in the high 70's with a slight breeze... the grass is green from all the rain we've recently had... the smog hasn't reared its ugly head yet... I can totally see the allure of So Cal on day's like this!  And, with the beginnings of spring came an idea for a mini-album geared towards the great outdoors!

{Good Morning, Happy Camper!}

Don't you just love the little trailer?  This book is a 6x6 chipboard mini-album that is chalk full of fun!  It's all American Crafts Campy Trails - it's all awesome!

Here are a few more peeks!

This class is coming up at Pages From the Heart - call Kathy if you'd like to join me!  Hope to see you there!

(ps - don't forget, submit for a spot on the Page's Design Team!!!)