Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Morning!

Yesterday was a perfect day with my little guy!  We've had a rough couple of weeks, with a lot of tantrums and power struggles... and Adam had his own issues!  But yesterday, well, reminded me how amazing being a Mom is!  I forgot about all the stuff that had been bugging me and just really listened and tried to engage with Adam - it seemed to make upsets a little less dramatic and I wrote down a bunch of really funny things that he said for a page in his album.  We didn't do anything special, no Disneyland or toy store or even the park, but the day was awesome.

I found a cute and fun tutorial over on MADE - it's a Bandolero that holds toys, snacks, whatever a little boy could want!  I'm hoping to make it this weekend!  Check it out - it's "Celebrate the Boy" month over there, if you have a little guy you'll be totally inspired!

I still have some room in my "Gettin' Sketchy with Andi" class over at Pages from the Heart - call Kathy if you're interested, it's tomorrow morning @ 10 am.

Blogger is NOT allowing me to upload a photo, so I promise to show two photos of projects tomorrow!  I have such a love/hate relationship with technology!
Have a great Friday afternoon, everyone!  I know I will, I'll be playing trucks with my 2 favorite boys, Adam and Aidan!


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