Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another preview...

Here's another card sample from "My Favorite Cards" class at Collective Journeys.

{Ships Ahoy Card}

This paper line is October Afternoon's Seaside - which I love!  I think this line is super fun... it's beachy, Americana, boyish, babyish... I think it really has something for everyone!  The only thing that needs to be added is the sentiment, I'm thinking a banner coming off the star???  The LifeStyle Crafts banner???  Hmmm - I'll sleep on that...

And on that note, I'm exhausted today!  Had a little kicky visitor climb into bed around 5 am this morning, and for some reason, having little toes curl into my back and then a swift elbow to my face and my pillow stolen didn't lull me back to sleep... 

 I'm gonna veg in front of horrible reality TV, shower and then hit the hay! 
Hope your night is whatever you need it to be!

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