Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Garden


It's been beautiful here lately... it hasn't been too hot or too cold, we've had a nice mixture of sunny days and of cloudy days, it's definitely spring!

We planted a garden this year - I've been trying to kill it (inadvertently) since we planted it. You see, I have a multi-colored thumb but that's just from the ink that I use while doing projects! And at times I've had a green thumb, but this green thumb doesn't carry over into the planting world.

Luckily, my husband has a very green thumb and it looks like my little boy does too! He loves to be a helper, he helped me put seeds in the holes, he helped his Daddy shovel and rake before we planted, he helps water the garden... he's a helper!

Anyways - again, I don't have any new projects to post - I've been working hard on wedding invitations and I believe that I've had pretty much every machine that I've been using break or explode or go rogue... but I just keep reminding myself that without invitations there will be no one at the wedding which means there'd be no need for cake - that would be a disaster! So, I keep cutting, cutting, cutting and today I will start gluing and punching (both for crafting and for letting off steam) and pretty soon there will be a gorgeous bride walking down the aisle to a very handsome young man who will be in awe of her and they'll start their life together... so paper cuts seem like a very little sacrifice...

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