Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Paper Chicks! Peep peep treat holders!

Last week I saw these adorable chick bean bag on Martha Stewart's website...

These sweet little chicks are made from fabric and felt and are filled with peas or beans... And I thought, wouldn't these be sweet as treat holders?  And an idea was formed...

What up, Peeps?  Paper Peep Treat Holders!  Peep Peep!  These little guys are made from paper and filled with M&M's - yum!

There's a variety of ways to make these, you can use an oval paper punch or a die cut... I used my Silhouette Cameo and it was very quick and easy.  Let me show you.

I know it's hard to see, but I cut out ovals from yellow paper that I had on hand with my silhouette.  Remember, you'll need 2 ovals per chick.

I then grabbed a black ink pad and a pencil and stamped eyes onto the chick with the pencil eraser.

I forgot to mention that I also cut out beaks, wings and egg shells for my little chicks with my silhouette.  I used an Easter bundle that had an egg (used for chick), a chick (used beak and wings) and a broken egg so that I'd have all of the pieces I needed.  Anyways - I glued the beak onto the chick.  He's kinda cute now, but just wait!  Only do faces on HALF of your yellow ovals, you want the back of your chick to be plain.

I then grabbed my chick with the face and a plain yellow oval and started sewing around the edge of it.  I left an opening at the bottom so that I could put the treats in!

I then grabbed my half egg shells that I'd cut from white cardstock with my Cameo.  I put 2 shells together (back to back) and then sewed around the bottom curve, leaving the ragged edge un-sewn.

Grab your sewn chicks, M&M's, your sewn egg shell and some glue.  I used Scrappy Glue because I always use Scrappy Glue.  Fill your chicks with the M&M's...

Then slide your egg shell over the bottom of your chicks.

Put a little bit of glue between your shell and your chick - your treat inside should be protected between the chick and the bottom of the egg - I didn't have much trouble with runaway M's.

You now have 1 sweet chick!  But he's missing something...

I drew a little curly-q on the top of his head, added some pink chalk for cheeks and orange chalk around his beak...

I glued on his wings, chalked them with orange chalk and then put a little bit of orange Stickles on them! 

Peep Peep!

I made 12 of these cuties for the kids in Adam's class.  They can tear them open and eat the M&M's from inside! 

I'll be back tomorrow to share a Dollar Tree way to get this sweet chicks to the preschool!

Thanks for stopping in!

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