Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Signs... Signs... Signs...

Good Morning!

I'm back today with a few typography/Subway Art signs that I've made recently and just put up in my shop.  A few weeks ago the weather was beautiful, my back and ankle were starting to feel better and I really wanted to update the signs offered in my shop

I'm not sure how much I've explained about my process for creating signs, but I use my Silhouette Cameo to format the signs and cut the vinyl that acts as a reverse stencil.  Anyways, I had been looking for new ideas for my signs, something to make them a little more exciting and different... and I came across the designs to create these signs...

I love the banner on this sign.  And, of course, the saying is sweet.
Since the weather had been so nice, spring definitely inspired my paint color palette!
I think this one is my favorite.  I love the fonts, banner and color...
And any mention of a cupcake makes me happy!

I made this sign for the little girl's birthday that I shared the wrapping for on Monday...
Her room is done in pink, turquoise and purple and has a mermaid theme.  Her Mom loves Disney and so I decided to take a verse from Disney's The Little Mermaid's song, "Under the Sea" and create a Subway Art sign with it.

I used the wave boarder on the top of the sign and a seashell boarder on the bottom.  And the paint color is Snow White's Song by Disney.  I also distressed the sign around the edges... it turned out so cute, but I was singing "Under the Sea" for days after creating this sign!

And finally, I created a special order for a customer.  I don't have this sign listed in my shop because I think that the customer requested a sign that she'd seen somewhere else and I don't want to infringe or copy outright...
But I love this sign!  She wanted a curved title at the top and this was my first time creating one.  I love the way it all turned out!  And I love learning how to do something new!

I have more signs listed in my shop that I'll be sharing next week.  And I'm finishing another new sign that I'm donating to Adam's preschool for their Open House Raffle - I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see it all done!

You can visit my shop to see all of the signs.  My shop name is Kutz, Paper, Scissors but the web address is or click on any of the links in this post that say "shop".

I'll see you Friday!

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