Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st Day as Ambassador Andrea

Ambassador Andrea - it has a lovely ring to it! My mother has already told me that she will not salute me or bow, but maybe she'll sing a different tune after I let her play with all my new QuicKutz products!

I am so excited - I cannot wait to get started doing whatever a QuicKutz Ambassador does! I'm ready to head out to all the different SoCal stores and introduce myself as Ambassador Andrea Jessup (I wonder what that makes my son???). Of couse, Collective Journey's would have to be my first stop since they've helped me become the scrappy scrapper that I am today!

Lets see, maybe I should wait to go to the stores until I'm not sick anymore - a first impression with a nasty cough and a runny nose would not be worthy of a QuicKutz Ambassador!

This is my first Blog - so please be patient as I figure everything out - luckily my husband is an Interent God, so he can guide my way.  Here's a picture of a sample that got me this gig!
{QK font, circles, scallops}

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  1. It's great to connect with you through our new roles as QK Ambassadors. Look forward to exchanging ideas and stories with you.