Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still Ambassadoring

Last Friday I experienced my first "Webinar" with QuicKutz regarding the Ambassador program that they've started. The meeting was supposed to start at 2 pm PST so my Bro-in-Law came over to watch Adam @ 1:45, he helped me figure out what the heck a "Webinar" was so that I didn't feel totally laime and then he left for greener pastures, Sesame Street pastures to be specific, so I could be a very important, technically advanced Ambassador! I watched a nice PowerPoint presentation for about 45 minutes with the lady in the phone repeating in my ear "Please stay on the line. You're webinar will begin shortly." Then, all of a sudden I saw on the IM board from QK "Is anyone out there?" "Can anyone hear us?" Hmmm, that would be a no. So, I felt really bad for Andrea S. from QK who'd been talking for roughly 45 minutes while none of us Ambassadors could hear! So, they had a re-do and started all over - and now I'm even more excited! Seriously, this is going to be great! My plan is to start calling stores this week to start setting up appointments for Demos, Make-in-takes, QK Crops (that would be super fun!) and classes - but the best news for all of you QK addicts is that they're totally down for giving us goodies to give away at our events! I'm trying to think of fun ways to do this - I'm thinking of a QK Bingo . . . my elementary school teacher brain is going to have to dust of the cobwebs and think of some more "icebreakers!". I do know that I have a couple events in the works . . . I'll report those as soon as they're set in stone! More to come! And I'm going to post a pic of a Halloween class that is coming up (a mini-album) where I used a lot of the new QK Halloween dies - I think it's pretty cute but I am biased! Hope everyone is having a lovely day!
{QK Graveyard border die, QK Bats/Moons die, Cloud border die}

{QK Witch Die, QK Crstal Ball Die, QK Ghost Die}



  1. Greetings from Florida! I got here via your post at the QK blog. Your BOO project is a winner! I have an old, blue Squeeze and I also have a Silhouette and I use it to print and cut the designs I create in Photoshop. I would like to see more comprehensive instructions/tutorials on this particular process. The QK manual is lacking in this respect and I learned mostly by doing internet searches and chatting with others on various boards). I'm sure the way I approach my creating I waste a lot of cardstock and I work harder than I should have). The shop I purchased from no longer caries QK products, so it's kinda left me high and dry ...
    I wish you well with blogging and with teaching for QK. COming to the Tampa area area any time soon?

  2. Thanks for your comment, Vianna! I also have wasted a ton of time playing with my Silhouette - I cannot tell you have many papers I've torn to pieced and freaked out about breaking the machine while trying to figure out the correct blade to use on the type of paper that I was using. I've found a lot of help on the new QK forum - have you checked that out yet? Here's the website address: www.quickutz.con/qk2/forum/default.aspx
    I posted a question about melding shapes together and everyone gave me great directions on how to do it - now I am a shape melder extraordinare! As far as I know I am not going to Tampa any time soon, but if it's close to Disney World we may be making a trip in the future!