Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Choose Happy Wooden Sign - Teacher Appreciation Week!

Good Morning!

Happy Wednesday!  If you have a little person that's of school age, then you probably know that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Our Schools theme for the week is Super Hero's and they also sent home a very helpful note suggesting what we can bring our teacher every. day. of. the. week. So far, we've taken supplies (the "S" in "super"), something unique or useful (the "U" in "super") and today, we took something pretty (the "P" in "super").  Here's what Lil A and I made...

I asked Lil A what he wanted to get for his teacher for something pretty... I suggested going to Collective Journey (our local paper crafting and gift store) and picking something out but he said "I want to make her something!", so I said, "Like a picture or something?" and he replied, "No, like a sign like you make for your business".  Now, I'm going to admit that I was not thrilled at this prospect... since it was Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm, all I could think of were the other million things on my To-Do list that weren't going to get done, but then I reminded myself that he's not always going to think what I do is cool, or that crafting is fun and at some point, he may even think that picking something from a store is more meaningful that making something (gasp!).  So, I went with it.

I had 2 slices of wood that I'd gotten from Joann's around Christmas time, so I unwrapped the packaging from one, measured and grabbed my computer.  I knew I wanted to use WeR's Farmer's Market paper line, I loved the soft hues and thought it looked like colors and patterns his teacher would like.  I let Lil A pick everything else out - we looked at my shape library on the Silhouette and he picked out the Cute Flower Wreath and the "Choose Happy" saying (I made the shape with my text and weld buttons), which I then sized with my Silhouette Software and cut with my Cameo.

I had Lil A glue all the different elements to the wood with Scrappy Glue.  Talk about a lesson in patience, I kept telling myself to let him do it, even if it was crocked or off center... my OCD was screaming the whole time,  but it's perfect! He did such a good job and he was so excited to give it to Mrs. L this morning!  You could see his pride!

I guess he choose happy in this picture, huh?  You should've seen the other ones we took, one of them was super cute, the others he was making a mad face and moving the sign up and down over his face and changing his expressions...  he's a character!

You could really make this sign for anyone - just change the saying, design, colors, paper to reflect the holiday or the recipient.

We hope you enjoyed today's project, have a great day!
Andrea (and Lil A!)

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