Monday, March 8, 2010

Day Dreaming Kinda Day

Well, I've had all morning to work on my class kits and create new samples - my lovely Mother-in-Law took my son for a little Grammy/Adam time and I've spent the majority of the morning looking outside my window and letting my mind wander...
It's a gloomy, cloudy day here and my Srapfice looks out onto a park like area so I'm sure you can see why my mind keeps running in all directions...

While I have no new craft projects to share, I decided to give you guys a few blogs that I am in LOVE with right now!
Check out -
they have great ideas and you can even purchase their kits from their online store - they also have a list of blogs that are fun to look at!
This website has fun projects, mostly sewing but some cooking. I love to combine sewing and paper crafting so this website gives me lots of food for thought!

Better go try and get something accomplished!
Happy Monday, Everyone!

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