Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lil' A as Sorcerer Mickey

Hello!  Good Morning!

Today I wanted to share a very easy, very quick Halloween costume that you can easily duplicate for your little Mouseketter!

Lil' As school doesn't allow Halloween costumes on Halloween - hey, that's cool - instead, they had Disney Day!

Which floats my boat...

Since we're HUGE Disney fans, I loved this idea as did Lil' A.  The only negative was that I got a phone call/message from the Principal on Sunday night saying Disney Day was going to be the following Wednesday!  What?!  Somehow, even though we love Disney, we don't have many Lil' A sized Disney dress-ups... we could've sent him to school in a Disney Hat and t-shirt, but seriously, would I ever do something that easy?  No way.

I called/texted friends and family that I thought might have a costume for us to borrow... we were in luck because Lil' A ended up with 2 full blown dress-up options... either Tigger or Buzz Lightyear.  We also had Mickey Hands and the Mickey Sorcerer Hat but no robe.  Can you guess which one he choose?  Do you think he choose one of the ready to go, didn't have to do anything besides put it on, costumes?  Nnnooooo.  That would be too easy.

He choose Sorcerer Mickey.  And since we don't do anything half-way around here (silly Big A actually said "Just send him in regular clothes and the hat/hands" - it's like he doesn't know me at all) - I bought red velvet and made him a robe so his look would be complete.

I used the Beach Robe Pattern from MADE...

and turned it into...

I had to make a few changes - the Beach Robe pattern is made to be short with short sleeves so I had to lengthen everything.  I measured Adam from his shoulders to his ankles (I originally went to the floor but then thought - Playground.  Boy.  5 Yr. Old.  School.  Bad Idea) and added some length to the pattern.  I also added length to the arms and made them wider at the opening so they'd hang a little more like Mickey's.

I was taking the easy way out, so I only hemmed the sleeves and the neckline.  I used an iron-on hem tape and then sewed the hems.  Nice, quick and easy.

And, just like magic, Sorcerer Mickey appeared!  Can you even tell which is the real Mickey?

The robe took  me under an hour to make, including cutting and hemming.  And he was so cute!  I bought 2 yards of the velvet from Joann's using a coupon so it was under $5!  I wish I would have put a hook and eye at the top and middle of the robe, it would've been easier for Lil' A to keep on - next time, next time!

Have a great day!  Hope it's full of magic!

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