Friday, December 20, 2013

Easy Christmas Garland


Happy Friday!  Is school done for your kiddos?  Lil' A has been sick with the flu all week but was able to go to school today for the Christmas party - yay!  Now we have 3. whole. weeks. without school.  3 weeks.  Can anyone hear the desperation in my voice?  What are we going to do for the 3 weeks?  I don't know - I have no clue!  I'm sure it'll be filled with Lego creating and some fun outings... we still haven't seen Frozen, have you?  It's on our to-do list though.

Anyways- today's project is a two-fer.  A two-fer you ask?  Yes - today's project is easy enough for your Little to make while helping their fine motor skills!  a two-fer!  And it's inexpensive.  And cute.  And quick.  So maybe it's a five-fer?  A fiver?  Maybe I should just call it awesome.

Here's what you'll need:
- Striped Paper Straws (I got mine from Target)
- Bakers Twine (or regular twine)
- Wooden Balls with wholes drilled
- Scissors

First you'll want to cut enough twine for where you want to hang your garland.  I was super scientific and grabbed my reel of twine, walked over to the mantle, pulled the string across as far as I wanted, as many times as I wanted and then cut. 

Next you'll want to cut your straws into pieces.  I cut some very short, around 3/4" and others longer, around 2". 

Grab one end of your twine and one of your wooden balls.  Lace your twine through the ball.

Since we don't want the balls and straws to slide right off our twine, lets tie it off.  I re-threaded the twine through the same hole so that it goes through twice.  Then tie off a knot at the end, remember to leave a tail so that you can hang your garland once your done. 

Now just keep going, repeating whatever pattern you want.  I did a wooden ball, long straw, wooden ball, short straw and over and over and over... and over.

Just keep going until you've used all your supplies or until your out of twine/string.  Tie it off at the end the same way you started.


Oh, I almost forgot- the two-fer!  You can let your little do all of the lacing!  Have your Little lace the twine through the balls and straws to help build their fine motor skills!  I ended up wrapping the end of the twine with tape so that Lil' A could lace it through easier, which helped in the frustration department!

That's it!  So easy, I think the project cost me under $3 and I have left over straws for our Cocoa Station!  I love the wood balls, it fits with my more natural look, but if you don't like that, you could always paint them before you string them!

I have a few more projects I want to share so I'll be back Monday and Tuesday before Christmas with some more fun, easy and quick projects for the last minutes before Christmas!

Have a great weekend!

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