Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wooden Sign Tutorial


Good Morning!

Are you doing any last minute present shopping or crafting?  If you're looking to combine the two and make a special gift for someone, this post is for YOU!

If you read my post from yesterday, you know that I'm feelin' the wood look this season... and if you follow me on Pinterest, you'll have seen a ton of pins with wood slice cake stands, candle stands, coasters, etc.  So, of course, I took it a step further.  Here's what I ended up with and I'll tell you my other ideas along the way!
So here's what you'll need:
- Wooden Slices found at your Local Craft Store (I purchased mine from Joann's - don't forget your coupon!
- Paint (I used black and white)
- Metallic Sharpies OR Vinyl
- Paint Brush or Sponge Brush
First you'll want to unwrap your wooden slice and wipe it down with a damp cloth.  Let it dry completely and then start painting.  I like to avoid additional mess so I poured paint directly to my wooden slice.

I originally went from the center out with the paint but the second time I made one of these, I made an outline with the paint and then worked from the outside in - I felt like it gave me more control with my edges.  Anyways - paint it however you like and wait for it to dry.  I think I did 2 coats?  The wood soaks it up pretty good!

Now it's up to you... I'll tell you what I did.  I grabbed a white marker (not the sharpie) and did a rough sketch of my wording/branches etc - hoping to then go over my rough outline with the gold or silver metallic Sharpie.  I DID NOT LIKE IT! - my sketch was crap!!  So I painted over it again in black and did another sketch... which was also crap!!!  So I decided to go the vinyl route, creating a cut file with my Silhouette software and cutting different designs from the gold vinyl, applying it to my wood slice and viola!  A cute Christmas décor and/or gift.  But my goal was to freehand it with my Sharpies.
My other ideas are to turn this wood slice into a chalkboard OR paint it, attach a clip to the top of the slice and use it as a picture frame that you can switch out as the mood strikes you!
I LOVE the way these turned out, even though they weren't exactly what I planned on.  If you don't have an electronic die cutting machine but have a hand crank die cutting machine, you can do the same thing with different fonts and shapes.
Hopefully this sparks a creative fire and you breeze your way through any last minute handmade gifts!
Have a great one!

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