Sunday, November 7, 2010

There's a party in my Mouth! Party Mix

Hello -
Well, at a class on Saturday we made goodie bags filled with an easy and fun "party mix" for all the ladies in the class! We made super simple bag toppers (cut a 4x4 in square from patterned paper - fold in half, use a border punch on one edge, then we cut "Merry Christmas" using the Silhouette and glued them onto the square,) that we staple to platic baggies with munch in them. Easy easy! BUT, since everyone enjoyed the party mix so much I decided to post the recipe. This makes a TON, so make sure that if you make it that you have plenty of people to hand it out to, otherwise you'll have cavities galore!!

12 Cups Popped Popcorn (remove unpopped kernels!) OR 5 Cups Corn Chex
3 Cups Frosted Cherrios (I like to use generic fruit loops for a more colorful mix!)
1.5 Cups peanuts or pecans (I use cocktail peanuts)
1 Lg package M&M's (you can get them in a variety of colors to match your theme or season!)
1 10 oz pkg mini-twist pretzels
3 pkg white chocolate chips
3 tbsp vegetable oil

Line a few cookie sheets with wax paper or spray with pam (you'll need 4 or 5 cookie sheets)

Mix the first 5 ingredients together in an EXTRA LARGE bowl - I've had to use 2 bowls at times. I mix by hand, it just seems easier.

Melt the chocolate chips and oil in the microwave, I do them for a minute in the beginning, then go down to 15 sec intervals as they start to melt. Poor over mix. Stir with spoon.

Spread onto cookie sheets IMMEDIATELY!! You can put them in fridge for the chocolate to set up faster or you can leave them out in a cool room for about 2 hours. Store in air-tight container.

That's it! Very easy but makes a ton! And everyone who tries it can't get enough! Anyways, stay tuned! This week I'll be posting a project that I'm creating with the LifeStyle Crafts (formerly QuicKutz) NEW Christmas dies!!! Fun Fun!

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