Friday, March 8, 2013

Felt Dolls

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Today I'm sharing another past project - you might be like "Why are you sharing Christmas projects in Easter?" and I could be like "Because you can always take the idea and modify for whatever season we're in!" with a smile, but it's mostly because it's been a rough week around here so I'm pulling from the past. 

We were at my husbands BF's of forever house at Christmas time and their daughter had a little Christmas doll names Noel that she loved, so I thought I'd make her a few more Christmas dolls to squeeze.

There's nothing easier than sewing with felt - no finished seams, no turning out... I LOVE it.  So, since I knew that chances of me getting the dolls complete by Christmas required the easiest route possible, I grabbed felt and my Silhouette Cameo.  I found a cut and round looking Santa and sized it so it would be a good size for a doll.  I couldn't just do Santa, I was aiming for Mrs. Claus but they didn't have a matching one, so I grabbed his elf and did the same thing.  I cut my paper pattern with my Cameo, labeled everything and then went to Joann's to get all of the felt I'd need.

It didn't take much felt, I don't think I got over 1/2 yard of any one color - I then used my paper pattern to cut all of my pieces.  I then laid them out and figured out exactly how to assemble these cuties.  I decided to assemble the fronts with all of their pieces and then just use a solid backing.  The most time consuming part was changing the thread for each color!  I learned pretty quick to make sure that I had sewn ALL of the white pieces on each doll before switching to green, red, black, whatever.

I used fiberfill and stuffed these guys to the gills, then sewed the opening shut with my machine. 

That's it - a cute and festive pair of dolls!  And, since I'm only showing this to help you be inspired, you could totally do the same thing with bunnies, eggs or chicks for Easter!  See, so it's a totally logical post right now!

I had so much fun making these little Christmas dolls that I added one more...
A little winter penguin!  I did mess up this one, I sewed the hat onto the front but didn't have one on the back body so it was a little flat and that's why it has that concave spot on the top of it's head  kind of a bummer, but he's still super cute!

So, go on and make some fun little Easter Felt Dolls/pillows after being inspired by my Christmas Dolls!

Have a great one!

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