Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lego Storage System


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  We had a very full, very fun weekend...

Lil A participated in the Bike Classic, which is a super big deal around here!  It's a fun event that embraces the biking community, from the very young to the professionals.  It's a 5 day event, but on Saturday, they have the public races - Lil A has done it every year since he was 3 (on his bike with training wheels) and this was the first year that he was on a longer course, .65 miles, which he tore through, no problem.  Look at that determination!

And since we're talking about my boy, I wanted to share a Lego Storage system that we adopted.  It's fantastic, especially if you're an anal organizer like we tend to be... it was also inexpensive and it can grow with Lil A's collection.

When we did Lil A's big boy room (you can see that here!) we also decided to clean out the playroom and organize Lil A's Lego collection.  It was a hot mess, and Mama was tired of stepping on a minefield of tiny little nails every time I walked into the playroom, so in a burst of determination and purpose, I dragged Big A and Lil A to Ikea, where we found the Ikea Trofast Storage unit.  And the sun shined down on us through the giant Swedish store and all was good.

We purchased the Trofast Wall Unit and the Trofast 3 Frame Floor Unit.  I wasn't sure about the wall unit when we were at the store, but once we got everything home, it was perfect!

We laid down a fun, town printed rug (also from Ikea) and a bean bag chair from Target in front of the building center.  We were fortunate to have the bins already so we only had to purchase the frames, which were on sale with the Ikea Family membership (which is free!), so I think we ended up paying around $40 total for the 2 frames.

I wanted to keep a simple design, and while I know that Lego is well know for their primary colors, I just couldn't label each bin with the color of Lego's that it held in vinyl, so I opted to create the Lego shape with my Silhouette Cameo and cut each label from Chalkboard Vinyl.

Using a chalkboard marker, I wrote the name of each color in each bin.  So quick and easy!  And uniform.  Now, in all fairness, Silhouette does off a Lego style "brick", but its 3D and I wanted a flat, silhouette shape of the Lego, so I  created my own Lego shape... which maybe I should share a tutorial for?  It's so easy, just a quick group and melding of drawn shapes.

You can check out the line of Ikea Trofast items here.

Happy organizing!

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