Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fools!! Today's NOT National Scrapbook Day...

Did I get you?

Did you think today was the BIG Blog Hop with the WeR Lifestyle Crafts Studio Design Team?  The one celebrating National Scrapbook Day?  With a link to the WeR Blog with their super awesome give-away?Well, April Fools!  It's not until May 2nd... the real National Scrapbook Day!  Fooled ya!

Did I convince you that I didn't just totally get the dates wrong and that I meant this to all be one funny, joke?  I'm quite the jokster.  I'm such a jokster that I even fooled myself into thinking everything had to be done today to be live by 6 am tomorrow! Hahaha.  Funny stuff!

So, since I'm so good at this whole April Fools thing, I'm going to keep it going!  Look at what Lil A is going to get for dinner...

A delicious slice of Berry Pie!  April Fools! It's Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes!  And I think I'm going to follow it up with a yummy dinner of...

grilled cheese sandwiches!  April Fools!  It's sliced angel food cake with colored icing in the middle!

And since ya'll are being such great sports about my little mix-up, visit me tomorrow to see my April Studio Team Project and a give-away (said in my best Oprah Car voice)!

Have a fun, goofy day!

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