Monday, March 31, 2014

Boys Bike Card using the Silhouette Offset Feature


Did the weekend fly by for you like it did for me!?  Yesterday we had an open day, so we each wrote down 3 things we wanted to do on scrap pieces of paper, folded them up, put them in a hat and let Lil A pick out 3 activities.  Here's what they were...
- Watch the Lego Star Wars Movie
- Practice the loop for the Redlands Bicycle Classic
- Work on the garden

And I'm happy to report that we were able to cross each of these off our list!  My favorite part was the garden.  Big A and I were able to put together 1 garden box (we're replacing the pallets from last year since our dinosaur keeps growing and stealing our harvest!)...

(last years pallet garden)

We still have 1 more box to make and Lil A and I are going to plant our seedlings this week so that hopefully next weekend we'll be able to finish off the garden!  The weather's been so nice where we are that it makes all of the earthquakes we've been feeling seem like a mote point!  Well, kind of...

Anyways - our little cousin turned 6 a few days after Adam but they didn't have his birthday party until last weekend so I created a card with my Silhouette that I thought reflected one of his interests - bicycling!

I made this bicycle card by using the offset feature on the Silhouette.  The offset basically makes an outline of the image that you can make as small or as large as you want!  I made my offset image large so that my card base would be the same shape as my bike.  I also mirrored my offset shape, welded the two shapes together to create my actual card.

I wanted the card to have a little dimension so I sized a grass border to the bicycle and cut it out of different papers.  I then glued my bike to the card but left the tires free of glue so I could add the grass behind the wheels.  One I glued the grass down I glued the tires down.

I added the "6" as if it was riding the bike.  Looking at the card now, I wish I would've added some googly eyes to the 6!  Next time, next time!

That's it - a simple, fun, personalized card for a fun little boy!  

Remember to check back tomorrow - I'll be sharing my Studio Team April project and taking part in the Studio Team Blog Hop with a link to the WeR blog where you can enter to win a HUGE giveaway!

Have a great Monday!

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