Tuesday, July 13, 2010



I've spent the past week working on a sweet Summer mini-album - it turned out more girly than I usually do (I love girly stuff but with a little boy... girly isn't always an option) but I really enjoyed making it because . . . I used my Silhouette for every page!

I received my Silhouette last August and was super excited about it. I set it up, uploaded the program and then - well, used it very little. I don't know why, I think it was because I never took the time to get fully acquainted with the computer program (which is very easy to use) which I should've done since they have a great tutorial on their website.

So, I decided to bite the bullet recently and started reading their blog (not just looking at the pictures for inspiration!) to see different tips and techniques along with reading their WHOLE online tutorial - which I'll have to go back and read for references now and then - and viola! A very fun, made to my measurements, summer mini-album with October Afternoon's 'Fly a Kite' and 'Thrift Shoppe' paper lines, Stickles in sooo many colors, Diamond Glaze, Liquid Applique... so much of my favorite stuff!

(Lazy Summer Day's Cover)

(My favorite page in the album!)

So, I guess my point is:
"Don't be afraid of the machine, it's a lot harder to break than it looks!!!"

Happy to Everyone!

PS - the Mini-Album is a class at Collective Journey's on August 29th - call 909-793-2200 for details and to sign-up!

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