Friday, July 30, 2010

Card 1

Hello! Happy Friday!

So, today it starts! Yay! I've had to really focus my time and let go of my own anal-ness as far as a card being "perfect". I don't know about you, but sometimes I see something that inspires me, be it a card, layout or a picture in a magazine, and I so desperately want to recreate it that I miss the fun of just making a card. I'm really trying to let this part of me go, and to focus on the fact that everyone enjoys getting a handmade card.

So, for my first card I used the new line of paper from Echo Park (I received this paper in my July kit from WIPkits - which I just love! And Trish even threw in some fun extras just because she's super!) and instead of die cutting I used the die cut stickers from the same line and some of the titles that they have on a 12x12 sheet of paper. Talk about easy! To be honest, this card, from conception to completion, took me about 15 minutes! That's a record for me!
I took a 6x6 in. card (tan), inked the edges in Dark Brown Chalk Ink, then added a piece of green patterned (5.5x5.5 in) which I cut a couple of small slits on 3 of the sides and then peeled back the corners, inked and adhered. I then took an orange patterned piece, cut to 2x5.5 in., inked and adhered. Then cut the flowered patterned piece to 3x5 in., inked and adhered. I then cut the "Thank You" title from the paper, inked and adhered with pop-up tape. I took a scrap of ribbon, glued it beneath the thank you, added a yellow button and tied a knot from the same ribbon and glued that to the button. Viola! A cute and fun card in no time!

IF you decide to try 30 Cards, 30 Days (like Rose, Thanks for joining me!) and would like to share, please email me a picture of your card at and I'll post it up!

Thanks, and tune in tomorrow for Day 2!

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