Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Ooey Gooey Valentine's Day!

I love me some Valentine's Day.  I love the idea that a Holiday is centered around showing someone you care about them.  The chocolate, red and pink colors and hearts don't hurt either!

Yesterday I shared the Valentine's that Adam made for his classmates, but today I'll share what he/we made for his teachers!

Can you see all of the different layers?  In my opinion, this is the turduchen of deserts... you don't know what that is?  It's a turkey with a duck and chicken stuffed inside of it.  And it's so easy to make!

Most of these ingredients we always have on hand.  You'll need a large baking dish, wax or parchment paper, cooking spray, chocolate cookie dough (homemade or store bought), Double Stuffed Oreo's and brownies (homemade or a mix). 

First, heat your oven to 350 degrees.  Then grab your dish and line it with the wax paper.  Then spray your wax paper with cooking spray - make sure you get all of it otherwise your edges will stick.

Press your cookie dough into the bottom of your dish.  I let Adam do this part - the hard part was keeping him from licking his fingers between presses!

Grab your Oreos and start laying them out.  You can space them as close together as you want.  I started the rows and Adam finished them.
Next, mix your brownie mix.  I use Ghirardelli's, so I mixed the water, oil and egg together and then let Adam add the brownie mix to the bowl.  He then stirred it all together and we both spread the brownie batter on top of the Oreo's.  Now, I used a Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix, but I think a regular one would work better, the chocolate chunks in the mix made it harder to spread the batter.  You can also add fudge ontop of the brownie batter if you'd like.  You know, if this isn't enough chocolate for you!

And since this is Valentine's, we added pink, red and white sprinkles.

Cover your brownies (I used foil) and place in oven for 30 minutes.  When 30 minutes is up, take the foil off and let it cook for another 12-15 minutes.  Let cool.  Once cool you can grab your wax paper and lift out of pan to cut into squares.

Yum.  The cookie dough is the bottom layer, the Oreo's the next (I love that you can see every layer!) and then the brownie layer on top!  I would add vanilla ice cream and some fudge on top - just to push it over the edge!

And of course, since Adam is giving these as gifts, we had to package them!

We used the QuicKutz Popcorn box and Adam cut 2 from kraft cardstock for his teachers (I swear, he cut them).  We then grabbed scraps of paper and a few punches/stamps and went to work. 

I cut the brownies into squares and placed them into cello bags and tied it at the top with - you guessed it - Baker's Twine.  Both of these are for Adam's Teachers!

Adam wanted to give a few more treats to other's, so I packaged these into clear cello bags and added a simple tag.  I used the Papertrey Mason Jar stamp on white paper, cut it out  and then punched out heart from red paper and glued it to the jar.  I punched a hole towards the top of the mason jar and tied it to the cello bag with - Baker's Twine.  On the back of the jar tag we wrote, "Valentine, You're all of my favorite things rolled into one!"

Happy Valentines Day!

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