Monday, February 20, 2012

Pinned Up Mondays!


Happy President's Day!  Yay for a 3 Day weekend! 

Well, today is Pinned Up Monday, which is all about recreating what I've seen or been inspired by with Pinterest!  I'm really enjoying myself with the Pinned Up Monday's series, it's fun to actually make something that is inspired by something else - full circle :)

So, my soon-to-be Sister'n'Laws bridal shower is in a few weeks so we started working on the shower decor... the theme of the wedding is rustic elegance and we were thinking it would be fun to use the same theme for the shower!  So, here's my Pinterest inspiration...

Aren't those pretty?  I love the yellow with the sunlight streaming through.  Beautiful!

I decided to go with a variation of these.  I'm not going to be hanging mine for the shower (although I may after the shower), they'll be spread on tables so we did a few varieties.

I grabbed some of my old sheet music and cut it into strips.  I used my heart Fiskar's punch and punched out a heart so that I would have the negative in my sheet music and glued the strip to the jar.  I then wrapped some Baker's Twine around the jar and tied a bow.  So quick, easy and cheap!

I plan on filling these with water and using a smoke free floating candle in them - my plan is that you'll be able to see the flame through the heart... you know... burning love?  Too cheesey? 

We also had some smaller, fatter jars and did a slight variation with those.  We used the punched hearts from the previous jars and some burlap.  We glued the burlap onto the jar, glued the heart to the burlap and wrapped some Baker's Twine around it, tying a bow to finish it off.

Aren't they cute?   Again, so cheap, quick and easy! 

Well, that's it for today.  My back is slowly getting better and I've been able to get back in the hang of things very slowly... so I'm hoping to work on some projects that I'll be sharing with all of you!  Just keep checking in - my posts may be a little erratic right now, but I'm hoping to get back on schedule soon!

Have a great week!

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