Friday, September 14, 2012

DollarTree Halloween Craft!

Happy Friday!

Phew!  I made it through a whole week of blog posts on days when I promised to post!  I will get back in the hang of this... I promise!

Okay, so I am a huge fan of the Sisters over at eighteen25, if you've never stopped by their blog, you should!  In fact, go there as soon as your done here!  Anyways, they're having a Spooktacular September where it's all Halloween all September long (spoiler alert... you may see something from KPS at some point...) and one of the first projects that they shared were these guys...

I loved the mounted skeletons!  Love the embroidered 31 too, want to do something similar... anyways - focus!  I was at The DollarTree a few weeks back and they had just gotten their Halloween items out and I saw all of the makings for a slightly different version of Mr and Mrs Skeleton...
I grabbed a tombstone, plastic skull, black roses, spider rings, spooky fabric, a black bird and got to work!
First, I took my tombstone, traced the outline onto Echo Park Halloween paper and then Modge Podged the paper onto the tombstone...  I also added chunky black glitter to the edges of the tombstone.  Have I mentioned I like glitter?
I then painted Bones white - I didn't really like the off-white - I like my bones clean!
and then I put glitter all over her.  She's glitteriffic!
Skulls can't be scary with glitter all over them! 
I laid her on the tombstone, but she didn't really stand out from the paper...
So I added the spooky netting...
I didn't like it covering the entirety of the tombstone, so I cut a hole in the netting that would fit over Bones and then cut a ragged edge around the netting, so it would frame her lovely ehhh.... bone structure.
I hot glued her head and the netting place, smack in the middle of the tombstone.
I added a random witches hat that I had - I probably got if from either Michael's or Joann's last year at the after Halloween sale.
She still looked a little lonely, she needed a friend... or friends.
I grabbed the bag of spider rings and set them free - I cut off the rings with ordinary scissors.  Yay!  Friends for Bones!  I glued them in a line where the 2 patterned papers met on the tombstone.
I also thought she needed a friend who could keep the spiders under control, so I added the blackbird to the top of the tombstone...  I don't think birds and spiders are the best of friends.  More like frenemies.

Ms. Bones!  I plan to hang her from our doorway.  I might even make her a Mister Bones. 
Okay, go over to eighteen25 now!  You'll be so happy that you did!
Have a great weekend, and thank you for stopping by today!

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