Monday, September 10, 2012

Pinned Up Mondays...

Good Morning!

I've missed you all!  Thanks for joining me! 

Sorry for the slight, ummm, absence?  We've been sick, working, schooling, all of the usual stuff and every day I would think, "I need to post something... anything... even if it's just all of our sickie Kleenexes or the piles and piles of laundry!"

But today, I have something better!  I actually have something I made that was inspired by something I'd pinned!  Ya!  Pinned Up Monday is back!

I found these...
{photo courtesy of via Pinterest}
and these...
{photo courtesy of via Pinterest}
Now, I love me some chalkboard paint!  Sometimes I dream about painting my husband in chalkboard paint so that he's always saying exactly what I want to hear...
Anyways - I wanted to try my hand at chalkboard paint on a mug/dish, so I headed over to the Dollar Tree and grabbed a few items to paint.
I'm very much in the Fall frame of mind, so the olive green and the burnt orange jumped right into my cart (without getting chipped!).  I then used blue painters tape and taped off where I didn't want the paint to be and grabbed my Chalkboard Spray Paint by Krylon.  I decided to use the spray paint opposed to the paint on variety because I hate loathe brush marks.  I sprayed 3 thin coats of the paint onto the mugs and let them dry.
Here you go!
These are great for the every day message.  You could also leave a reminder, like... "Don't forget your briefcase!" or "The dog doesn't walk himself..."
Or you could do a seasonal message... or let the kids draw on their own mug so that there is no confusion and bickering.  I'm pretty sure if chalkboard paint could solve kid bickering, my Sister would've painted everything in their world with the stuff!
There you go!  Chalkboard mugs!
Have a great day!  I'll see you Wednesday!

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  1. Love the look of those mugs and the fall colors are a must in my house!

    Hope you and your family are on the mend soon!