Monday, August 27, 2012

Pinned Up Mondays! Game Warden Fort

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Well, today's Pinned Up Inspiration is something fun, easy and super cheap to make for your favorite Fort lover!  Here's my Pinspiration...

{Photo courtest of via Pinterest}
When I first saw this, I LOVED the idea!  Talk about a cool, easy and lasting project.  They took a few inexpensive, white, pull down shades and drew a store front on them - I believe the shades are tension shades, so they stick between the legs of the table.

So, Adam asked me to make a Game Warden Fort for him the other day.  Now, I love me a good fort, but I hate the mess and the impermanence - once you're done with it that day, you're done.  So, I went into the garage to find some big cardboard boxes... we only had one and it wasn't remotely big enough.  Then I remembered the above pin and created this...

  I have a HUGE roll of kraft paper that I use to wrap my packages in, so I grabbed it and started cutting "walls"...

To make them the go from the floor to the table, I had to tape two sections together with masking tape.  I then turned them over and, per my Warden's instructions, started drawing his Warden Station.

Here's the front door... of course, it has his name on his Station door and I also went online and found the Warden badge, printed and cut it out and taped it to the front.  Adam told me that the Station had bricks on the bottom of the building, so I drew those along with a door/hinges, knob and key lock.

He wanted windows on the side of his station, so I drew them on and then cut them out.  He was very specific, he was 2 rectangle windows on the 2 sides.

I printed 2 Fish and Game Headers from the Fish and Game website and taped each of them onto each of the side walls - we don't want any confusion on what type of Station this is!

The back of the station has another door, the Exit door.  I was told that it's the Emergency Exit, but I made a mistake and just wrote Exit.  The doors are cut up the sides but still attached at the top, so it's more like a flap than a door, but it hangs well and I hope that he has less of a chance to pull it all down.

I tapes each of my walls to the underside or edge of our dinning room table.  I think that, after today, I'll tape them to old gift wrap and towel rolls so that they store nicely and will be reusable.

This took a little bit of time and effort, but I think it'll get A LOT of use around here.  You can do the same thing, just change the theme to whatever your child is into!  A grocery store, beauty salon, Police Station, Fire Station, Super Hero Hideout... the options are endless!

Have a great day!
Andrea (and Game Warden Adam)

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