Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Gift and Card Set


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We're half way through our first week of school... there have been fits, crying, working, playing, sewing and yawns.  I'm not going to tell you who did what, but I will admit to the tears after dropping Adam off on Monday.  I don't know why the 1st Day of School makes a mess of me when my little boy runs into class without a glance backwards... maybe it's because he's my only?  Because I often think about every 1st time is also the last time.  It's hard knowing that, no matter how much you'd love to have more children, and no matter how blessed you feel to have one, that this is it.  The days are just going by too quickly with him, even the bad days.

Okay!  That's enough of that!

So, today I wanted to share a cute shower gift that I made for my friend to give. 

You may remember this Name Plate that I made for Adam...

Adam loves seeing his name on his door.  He's asked for different ones with different pictures on it.  He's been asking for a police one for some time now...  Anyways, I remembered loving all of the personalized items that we received from friends and family when Adam was little, so I thought a Name Plate for the new Baby would be perfect!

The theme for the nursery is a Lion, so I kept that in mind while formatting the sign.  I put the baby's first and middle name on the sign and outlined it all - I really like the outline, it helps everything look clean.

I also made a matching card for the gift, keeping with the Lion theme.

The Lion is from my Silhouette and it is just so sweet!  The card is based on a sketch, I wish I would've moved the notebook piece of paper down some, I think I would've liked the card more then.

That's it!  If you ever wanted to create a similar sign, you could always use die cut letters and modge podge or stickers or even die cut vinyl.

Have a great day!

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