Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kutz. Paper. Scissors... Shop Update

Good Morning...

I hope all of the Mom's out there had a great Mother's Day!  Mine was filled with Adam snot and coughs - not exactly what we'd had planned for Mother's Day weekend, but my boy's still made it special and relaxing... Big A made steak, artichokes, cheddar dill mac salad and got a HUGE chocolate cake from Costco... all of my favorite stuff!  We also got up the dough boy pool... since it's been in the 90's-100's for the past few days, I think we got it up just in time!

I've been thinking a lot about the Kutz. Paper. Scissors Shop... I've been weighing the pros and con's, time situation, my families needs and my stress level.  I've been behind on orders since the beginning of the year, I've had mad customers and late orders - this is not the way I want to run my business, I don't feel proud of my business etiquette and every time that I receive a nasty email (warranted or not) it chips away at the joy that I used to feel with KPS.

I've been grumpy, tired, stressed, unorganized as stacks and stacks of laundry piled up, the house became dirtier and dirtier, we ate more cheap fast food dinners and I became a "Mean Mommy" every day, losing my patience with Lil' A and Big A, everyone that I care about.  I wasn't spending time with Adam, sure, we'd be in the same room but I'd distractedly listen/answer him and anytime that I had to stop working to make his lunch, wipe his bottom or unlock the door so he could go out would make me frustrated and I'd sigh with so much drama, it would be embarrassing for anyone else to hear.  I started to become resentful of my husband, that I was working late into the night while being responsible for running our home/life, which wasn't fair to him, he's never put any sort of expectations on me.  I'd be crying every day from stress/exhaustion and unhappiness... so one day, Big A said "Then stop."

Which was all I needed to hear.

I haven't stopped, my shop is still open for business, but I have decided to change a few things for now.  I am only putting in inventory that I have on hand, I am not taking any custom orders and I am only adding to the shop when I feel like I can.  I have also committed to shipping within 1-2 days and I am not taking my laptop on anymore vacations!  Last week my amazing Mom came over and helped me photograph all of my inventory, I then spent 3 days editing those said photos and I've been adding them into the shop daily.  I took stock of what I have and have been updating my inventory so I can avoid having to run around, find necessary fabric, cut and sew into the night.  It feels good to feel like I'm getting things under control again.  Really really good.  Big A and I will evaluate KPS again after Adam starts Kindergarten in the late summer - maybe I'll start taking custom orders again, maybe I'll stay the way I am or maybe I close down the shop... who knows.

I only get one chance to be a good Mommy and Wife - I have to chant this to myself daily when I get a request for a custom order.  I'm hoping to focus more on the blog, putting helpful info out there, tutorials, recipes, crafts, DIY - all of the things that I LOVE and want to share.

Here's some of the items that I just added to Kutz. Paper. Scissors...

NEW and ON SALE Burlap Table Runners...

Antique Typewriter Alphabet Burlap Runner
Zebra Animal Print Burlap Runner
Some NEW Chevron Pillow Covers...
Coral and White Chevron Pillow Cover
Khaki and Cream Chevron Pillow Cover
Denim and Cream Chevron Pillow Cover
And some NEW Pillow Covers in fun prints and colors...
Yellow Embrace Pillow Cover
Elephants in Green Pillow Cover
Ikat in Java and Silver Pillow Cover
There's a ton more, most of these covers I have in a variety of colors.  If you're interested, please check out Kutz. Paper. Scissors.
A lot of gut spilling went on here today... sorry if it wasn't what was expected or desired, but I felt like an explanation was required for the KPS changes.
Hope you have a great day!

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