Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Best Grandma... Mother's Day Gifts


Tomorrow is Mother's Day, a day to thank the women in your life who have helped shape you, watched you grow, given you invaluable advice, hugged and kissed everything from a boo boo to a broken heart...  Let's just throw it out there, Mom's are pretty freak'n awesome! 

We're super lucky to have so many amazing women in our life, Adam's surrounded by 2 fantastic, giving, caring, dependable and fun Grandma's along with 2 Great Grandma's who tease him, play with him, give him hugs and kisses and make him feel loved.  We couldn't ask for better Grandma's, and while we love and appreciate them every day, we wanted to do something special for each of them from Adam!

Thank goodness for the Terrific Trio over at Eighteen25!  You may remember this fantastic Father's Day Book that Adam and I made using their printables...  and this year they made a similar book for Mom's and Grandma's! 

{Photo and Printable courtesy of Eighteen25}
So, Adam and I gathers our supplies, printed off enough pages for all 4 grandma's and went to work!
Since Adam is 5, we've been doing the writing over a few days... I'm sure it's no surprise that a 5 year olds attention span is pretty non-existent!  I grabbed the filled out pages, a paper trimmer, glue dots, a 4x6" photo album (found at Joann's for $1.99) and Washi Tape.
I trimmed all of the pages down to 4x6".  Adam then put glue dots in the 4 corners of the front page.
We then laid it on top of the cover, centered.  It was pretty good and stuck, so if you don't like where it's at... well... too bad.
I cut strips of the washi tape and Adam put them all around the edges.  I trimmed off the excess.
We then slid the pages into the protective sleeves.
We're going to add photos of Adam with each of the grandma's in each book, wrap them up and viola!  A fun, thoughtful gift from Adam to all of his amazing grandmas!  I think/hope they'll all like them, at least we know it won't be a duplicate of something we've given them before!
Visit Eighteen25 to make your own book!
Have a great day and to all the Mother's out there - thank you so much!
Andrea (and Adam)

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