Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Book!

Good Morning!

I'm sorry I didn't post on Wednesday... we're actually on vacation and I was trying to get ready and packed and grocery shopping - you know how it is! 

So, Father's Day is Sunday and I wanted to share a project I made that was created by the super talented ladies over at eighteen25!

{Photo & downloads courtesy of eighteen25)

Here's ours (sorry, the photos are great - taken with my iPhone on a marine layer day)...

In the directions, it recommends using an inexpensive $1 bin 4x6 photo album that you can typically find at Michael's... I used a hard cover 4x6 photo album from the .99Cent Store! 

I printed out the pages before we left for our vacation, knowing that it would be a fun project for Adam to do when we were tired out from swimming and sun fun!  Here's the direct link...

I printed the pages on white cardstock.  I used Scrappy Glue to glue the front and back covers onto the hardcovers and then used washi tape from K&Co. Smash line to cover the rest of the book and give it a nice finish.

You just slide the different pages into the page protectors... here's the photo of Adam and his Daddy... apparently they have arms,  but no legs.  And they're potato people.  I love the way he draws right now, with total ease and he looks at me like I'm crazy when I guess incorrectly about the subject.

I love the "About Him" page.  He knew the name of his Daddy, but guessed a little off on the age... 2 1/2 seems like I'm a little more than a Cougar... 

The I love Dad page is pretty cute too.  You could make one book and do different pages for each of the kids...

Here's the back cover.  I'm going to order photos of Adam and Alan and put them in the remaining sleeves.  I'm hoping I remember this next year and we can make one every year and see how the responses change. 

I wish they had one of these for Grandpa's too! 

If you've never checked out eighteen25's blog, please do - those Sisters are awesome, funny and creative!  I love checking it out!

This project cost me $1.06 (I had the Smash washi tape, but it's on sale at Joann's right now if you want to grab some)!  Great Father's Day gift!  You could even print out the pages at Costco or Target or someplace if you don't have a great color printer.  Luckily I still have the stolen borrowed printer that I used for my Bro-n-law's wedding - he probably forgot that I have it!

Have a great day!

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