Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea's!

Good Morning!

Is anyone else out there scrambling?  Teacher appreciation week is this week while Mother's Day is Sunday... and if you're a DIY-er or Handmade-er, you've probably got a stack of supplies in your office/dining room/kitchen waiting to be manipulated into the perfect gift... just like me!

So, with only today and tomorrow to get the Teacher Appreciation Gifts together, here's what Adam and I did.  I pulled up Pinterest, searched for Teacher Appreciation Gifts and, after selecting a few that I liked for each of Adam's Teachers, I had Adam pick the final gifts.  I think he did a pretty good job!

Ms. Michelle is his Teacher Assistant and she's WONDERFUL!  She's super nice, caring, funny and friendly - she genuinely cares about all the kids in her classes.  She's also a young Mom who is super cute and stylish, so Adam picked out this gift idea...

(Photo and Printable courtesy of ShesKindaCrazy via Pinterest)
You can find the printable "File" tags here.  So, Adam and I went to Target and picked out the following:

Fun Nail Polish - 2 different colors

A fun nail file

 I used washi tape to tape 1 of the polishes to the file and added the "File" tag.  Then we put the other polish along with the make up bag and a Bow Clutch in a kraft gift bag and added 3 rows of the same washi tape to tie it all together.  It turned out pretty cute and totally fit Ms. Michelle's personality!

Adams Preschool Teacher, Mrs. Dierking is AMAZING.  I cannot express how good it feels to leave my child in her care.  She's patient, engaging, fun, kind, compassionate, creative and I truly believe that she loves my little boy.  She's a gardener so the gift that Adam picked out is perfect!

(Photo and Printables courtesy of SkpToMyLou via Pinterest)
You can find the printable here...  so, we made a stop in the Garden Dept. of Target and came out with the following...

A pretty outdoor gardening bag by Threshold
Some gardening tools (we actually got the Bulb Planter but I couldn't find a pic of it) and a box of flower bulbs.  We packaged everything in the outdoor bag and tied the "Bloom" tag to the bag.
We really love Adam's Preschool, Teachers, Staff and couldn't think of a better fit for him or us!  It's been a wonderful experience and it's going to be super hard next year not seeing everyone at that school, but we've excited for Kindergarten!
Have a great day!

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