Friday, January 20, 2012

Couch Potato...

yep, that's me.  I've had some, ummm, down time this week after injuring my back last weekend.  After a trip to Urgent Care, xrays, shots and lots of meds, I was able to lay flat on my back for 3 days.  Now, I alternate between lying flat and sitting up on the couch - both positions require a heating pad.

I didn't injure it terribly, which I'm very thankful for - no slipped discs or vertebrae issues, just a sprained muscle that only time will heal.  I'm lucky because between my parents and my Mother-n-law, Adam has been very spoiled and well taken care of.  My husband has been amazing, keeping up on laundry and dishes, bedtime routines and supplying me with lots of chocolate to ease the pain.

So, I've spent A LOT of time surfing my favorite blogs, checking out pinterest, re-reading my favorite books and magazines, formatting new signs for my Etsy shop and watching horrible, time sucking, brain-cell killing, television shows.  Anyways, with all of this couch time, I decided a few changes would be a good thing for my blog and myself!

I bought this book last summer...
1-2-3-Sew by Ellen Luckett Baker.  I love this book - her fabric choice, projects, instructions, everything!   I like to sew but I really don't know what I'm doing most of the time.  I've never taken a class, everything that I know is from my Mom and Grandma and I'm incredibly intimidated by patterns and instructions unless their accompanied with great photos.  Anyways, I thought this book would be a great way to increase my skill base so I've decided to go project by project from number 1 to number 33 in this book.  I'll be sharing my first project next Thursday, which will now be Thursday Threads!  I'm excited!  If you want to follow along that would be awesome!  I purchased this book from - it's currently $16.47 on Amazon and $17.82 on B&N.

Okay, so from now on, Monday is Pinned Down by Pinterest projects and Thursday is Threaded Thursdays!  All the other days are open for papercrafting or anything else that I hope you might enjoy!

So, today I'm sharing another card that I made for my 1 Sketch, 6 Cards class at Collective Journeys.
Again, this card is using October Afternoons Farmhouse line - aren't those silhouette stickers cute?  I thought this would great as a Valentines, Anniversary card... whatever. 

If you'd like to sign up for the 1 Sketch, 6 Cards class, please call Collective Journey's at 909.793.2200!

Have a great weekend!

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