Monday, January 16, 2012

PInterest Mondays!

Hello!  Happy Monday!

In December I did a special series called "25 Days of Pinterest", and I LOVED doing it!  It was so much fun, following through on inspiration!  So, I decided to go ahead and continue the series, but modify it a little!  So, I'm starting a new series called Pinned Down, which will take place every Monday!

So, today I'm focusing on an obsession of mine - Burlap.  It's such a cool, sturdy, inexpensive, rustic, and natural material to use!  I've been pinning up a storm with burlap because I'm hosting my soon-to-be sis n' laws bridal shower at our home and the theme is "rustic elegance".  I'm very excited, I've been getting so inspired that I had to do a trial run with burlap this weekend!

Here's my Pinterest inspiration...
Did you notice number 1?  The ruffled burlap bag?  Well, I went to my cousin, Susan's, bridal shower on Saturday and I needed a gift bag... so... instead of buying a gift bag (I've been trying to avoid wasteful purchases lately), I made one from my burlap and fabric scraps.

I started with a piece of burlap folded in half - it was roughly 18" x 21" post fold.  I wanted it very large because we were putting a pillow and other goodies in it and Susan is a Stamp'n Up consultant and I wanted her to be able to use if to cart around supplies.
I pinned up the 2 sides and sewed around them to make a pouch.  I did a zigzag stitch with a 1/4" seam allowance.  Put bag right-side out and iron seams so that it lays fairly flat (it's burlap so it's not going to have a super clean edge but it's okay, it's very forgiving)

 Next I made a very wide binding.  I wanted a tri-fold binding, so I started with a 6" x 36" wide piece of fabric.  I folded the piece in half like a hotdog bun and ironed it.

I then opened it back up and folded in the 2 edges about 1 inch and ironed them, so now, if you were to look at the piece, there should be 3 creases.

I then folded it back in half and ironed it again once for good measure!  Hello thick, wonderful binding!

I then pinned the binding to the top of the top so that it would have a nice, clean opening.  Since I pinned the binding on both sides I only have to sew once - hello easy!
Sigh.  Nice. 

Then I grabbed some more fabric scraps and cut 2 strips - I didn't worry about getting them super even and I didn't care about the seam.  I just sewed them wrong side to wrong side and let the seam show.  Again, easy.  And since this is a casual, burlap bag, I felt like rough edges were allowable.  Don't tell my Grandma Grace.
I sewed the strips onto the bag, I wanted them secure so I made a large rectangle with an "x" in it - sturdy sturdy sturdy.  And it looks cool.  Cute huh?  But, could I leave it at cute?  Nope, I had to add just a little more!

So, I grabbed my Stamp'n Up Exclusive Butterfly die and cut a few from the scraps of my binding.

I pinned the butterfly's on the bottom, right corner of the bag to make them look like they were flying up and away...

Then I zig zag stitched the bodies of the butterflies but left the wings free.  Fly free, winged friends!
And there's the finished (I promise) bag.  I love it!  And I had to give it away, which was very difficult but I hope that it it shows my strong character and selflessness... but I guess talking about my selflessness shows another character trait - sigh...

On another note, Page's From the Heart is having a Design Team Sponsored Crop this Saturday, November 21st from 1-9 pm.  Dinner and lots of yummy snacks will be served and you'll have access to all of the members of the team!  We'll be sharing demo's of our favorite tips and techniques and you'll  be making a fun Make-n-Take that I create using QuicKutz latest products!  Fun!  Call Page's to reserve a spot today - (626)358-5334!

See you all soon!

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