Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I just realized

that I never updated all of you on where I placed some of my "25 Day's of Pinterest" projects! 

Let's take a quick look back!

So, I made these...
And instead of grouping them like a little village, I put them on our ladder bookshelves with my other collectibles...
I added some fake trees that I'd bought for a snowglobe project here and there along with some little berry pics - I felt like it needed some extra pops of color...

To get different heights, I used plastic children's bowls as stands and just clustered cloudy snow all around.

My taped reindeer mantle piece grew a little over the season...
My reindeer got a few more antlers - he was more of a young Bambi in the beginning buy grew to be quite an impressive buck by the end!

And last, here's the painted $1 Store vases in my dinning room hutch with my favorite PB Santa Plates...

  Well, that's it!  I just wanted to share the end result of my Pinterest series! 

I'm planning on using some of the same ideas for Kerry's bridal shower that I found for my 25 Day's of Pinterest series, I'll share as I go!

Thanks for taking a look back with me! 

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