Friday, January 6, 2012

An Un-Planned Break...

But I'm back now!  Sorry about that, my sinus infection caused my head to explode daily!  I felt better for New Years (Fortunately) and we had to much fun!

Yup, a little bit of bowling fun!  Then we had a game night with some friends and family and Adam actually stayed up till 11 pm!  Holy Moly!  And then he slept in till 8 am!  What!?  I know, a-ma-zing!

On Friday, December 30th, I celebrated my birthday at Collective Journey's with my Mom, Sis-in-Laws, Aunt, Cousin and friends... my husband, Bro-in-Law and Mom-in-law even joined us for dinner!  It was exactly what I needed after a busy Christmas!  I was able to get a few page layout's done while I was there... I would've gotten more done but we had cupcakes and cake and cupcakes and cake and cupcakes...  I was too busy eating to be a diligent scrapbooker!!

Here's one of my pre-cupcake/cake layouts!

Here's a 12x12 layout that I made using different types of October Afternoon paper's and flair.  I think that I used Farmhouse, Cherry Hill and Seaside.  I used stickers from Seaside and misc buttons. 

I used a PageMap from the January issue of Creating Keepsakes, AC Thicker's for my title along with some hand writing.  I popped up different elements too to add interest to the page.

I normally spend FOREVER trying to find a sketch or inspiration but I told myself that I was just going to flip to a page and that was it!  I had a Tim Gunn "Make it Work" moment!

If I can ever decide what to do with my old sewing machine (It's broke broke BROKE), I might go back and stitch on the page but we'll see.

That's it for today!  I've been working on a variety of things, some are mine and some are for work, but I'll be sharing more from now on! 

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