Monday, October 18, 2010

So tired

Hello All!
I am TIRED - but I'm trying desperately to stay awake till the Hub's gets home from watching Jackass 3-D (I know, I know, I'm not even going there...) and I really wanted to do a post tomorrow but I am hoping to take my little man to Disneyland, so, here goes a post that will probably ramble and make little sense. So, enjoy!

Okay, so here's a few Halloween cards that I made LAST year but that I lurve! I won't be a ton of help since I can't remember the names of the paper that I used (I'll make note to look at scraps and find out), but they're such simple but awesome cards!! I luurrrve them - did I already say that?

I also am sharing a beautiful picture of Adam that I took today up at a local Pumpkin Farm - called Soffel Farms - which was tucked away into the hills behind our house - I'd never been there but was enthralled with the beauty of the place. It's been a wet weekend around here and the hills were surrounded by fog and a light mist, the tress were all green and orange and yellow and it was truly magical. I have to say that while living in SoCal has it's advantages (ocean, mountains, Disneyland, outlet malls on every corner) that I lloooonnnngggg for "Seasons". I long for "sweater weather" in Sept, October and November and I pray each year that I'll be able to wear long sleeves on Christmas Day and that a fire in the fireplace will be a necessity instead of ridiculous! So, today was a perfect to pick a pumpkin with my lil' Pumpkin who said things like "That's a great idea. This is just great!" and "What a fun day, thanks Mama" and "This punkin is perfect, we must get it for Daddy". He's 2.5 going on Prince Charming...

Happy Fall, ya'll!

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