Wednesday, October 6, 2010

FINALLY! Card 29 and Card 30: 30 Days

Well, my husband was able to get our computer to work just so I can blog (so important!) and use my Silhouette (VERY important!!!), although he told me to let him know a "good time" to take it to the Nerd Herd or Geek Squad or whatever... which is where I told him that there really is no "good time" and informed him that I'm just going to Costco to purchase a new one - which is when he gave me "The Look" and left for work. Hmmm, wonder who will win this one... probably him since we just found out that we need to either do a $400 repair on our oven OR buy a new one - yep, game point, Hubby.

Here are the last two cards of the 30 Cards: 30 Days Challenge... or more like 30 Cards: 3 months. Oh well, the best laid plans, right? For the Christmas Card I used Cosmo Crickets Christmas Line and for the Halloween Card I used a mixture of Making Memories. If anyone would like specifics, please let me know. I'll be posting a lot over the next week, I really do have a lot of projects that I'd like to share!

See you all soon!
Happy Wednesday!

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