Sunday, October 3, 2010

I havn't been kidnapped!

Hello All!
So, I have some 'splaining to do! I did complete the 30 Cards, 30 Days challenge... I scheduled my last two posts for the Cards since we were going out of town... but apparently I am so not technologically advanced with Blogger!! I have also misplaced my camera... I have tons, (seriously), of new projects to post but no pictures of them! I actually have 2 cameras, but they share the same battery (I lost one battery already), and since I misplaced my camera that has the battery in it, well, I can't use either of them! Is my facade slipping? I am such a mess half the time! I am a total klutz/absentminded professor type! It's funny, I had my Hallowe'en in Wonderland Banner class yesterday and told someone that I'm not a hoarder (I may have sounded snotty without meaning to!), and then today while I was cleaning my scraffice I found 8, yes 8!, Scrappy Glues! I guess I'm worried about the end of the world and not having anything to use to scrapbook while trapped in my house for 67 years!
Anyways - as soon as I find my camera (or break down and buy a new battery!), I will take lots of pictures of all of my fun new Halloween projects and post them! I will also re-post the last 2 card posts as soon as we fix my scraffice computer which houses all of my images! Okay, so, wish me luck in finding/fixing and I'll hopefully be back tomorrow or Tuesday!
Happy End of the Weekend!

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