Saturday, January 22, 2011

And the last little piece...

Here's the final piece of the banner that I want to share with you before tomorrow.  I'm also sharing 2 cards that I made from the banner scraps. 

(V - Love Banner)

(Make Someone Happy Card)

(Hugs and Kisses Card)

You might think that the last card, Hugs and Kisses, looks a little familiar... and you'd be right!  A few posts ago I shared some Valentine's Cards that I taught at a class and I basically used the same layout, but switched the paper and left a little out and here we are!  I'm not sure which card I like best!

The banner class is being taught tomorrow at Pages From the Heart in Monrovia, which is full.  Sorry!  But if you're interested in a kit, please let me know!


PS - I linked up with Be Different... Act Normal - check out her blog!

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